How to cover a bed frame to prevent moisture from damaging an RV mattress?

Published June 29, 2023

Preventing moisture under an RV mattress

Victoria, Canada - June 29, 2023 / HyperDrii /

A new solution has arrived to prevent moisture damage to RV mattresses. Use a HyperDrii ventilation mat and follow simple steps to make sure your bed frame stays dry and your mattress stays in top condition.

HyperDrii moisture prevention

Cut and Place

Cut the HyperDrii ventilation mat to the size of the bed frame and place it on top of the frame. This will create an open space between the bed frame and the mattress, allowing for proper ventilation and moisture control.

Introducing RV Mattress Protection Using HyperDrii Ventilation Mat

RV owners can now stop moisture damage in their tracks, thanks to the arrival of the HyperDrii ventilation mat. By using this ventilation mat and following simple installation steps, RV owners can ensure that their mattress stays in top condition.

The HyperDrii ventilation mat is a simple and affordable solution that can be used to prevent moisture damage to RV mattresses. By cutting the mat to the size of the bed frame and placing it on top, RV owners can create an open space between the mattress and the bed frame, preventing moisture buildup and promoting better ventilation.

According to a spokesperson for HyperDrii, "This product is designed to meet the needs of RV owners who want to protect their investments and ensure that their mattresses last for as long as possible. By using HyperDrii, they can rest easy knowing that their mattress is protected from moisture damage."

To learn more about HyperDrii and how it can help protect RV mattresses, visit the website at

About HyperDrii

HyperDrii is a leading provider of ventilation solutions for a wide range of industries, including RVs, boats, and more. Their products are designed to be easy to install and highly effective, providing reliable protection against moisture damage.

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