Debunking the Top 6 Janitorial Cleaning Myths in Minneapolis

Published July 31, 2023

EMD Cleaning Services Sheds Light on Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Myths

Saint Paul, United States - July 20, 2023 / EMD Cleaning Services /

Many people have misconceptions about the value of hiring professional cleaning services for their commercial space. Enlisting expertjanitorial cleaning in Minneapolis, MN, can kill bacteria and preserve machine parts that attract dust. EMD Cleaning Services receives many questions about the common misconceptions of outsourcing office cleaning and offers information to debunk these myths.

janitorial cleaning in Minneapolis, MN

Myth 1: Company Employees Can Clean the Office

Many Minneapolis businesses think they should try to save money by making their employees clean their offices. After all, with so many trendy cleaning hacks, like using white vinegar to clean nearly any space, sanitizing an office doesnt seem difficult.

Utilizing employees for cleaning can be incredibly counterproductive for a Minneapolis business. From taking time away from work to ineffective cleaning, using employees for commercial cleaning does more harm than good.

Myth 2: Outsourcing Requires a Huge Investment

Many cleaning myths revolve around the costs of getting professional commercial cleaners. While some Minneapolis business owners believe it will require a huge investment to secure office janitors, this is not the case.

Reliable cleaning companies like EMD Cleaning Services offer professional janitors at affordable prices. Investing in cleaners also improves customer and employee experience.

Myth 3: Commercial Cleaning Companies Provide Low-Quality Services

Outsourcing cleaning services may not seem like a great idea if they provide inferior service to DIY cleaning practices. However, this could not be further from the truth.

Companies like EMD Cleaning Services provide complete and comprehensive commercial cleaning so that Minneapolis businesses receive the benefits of a refreshed office space. Hiring professional cleaners is one of the best ways to maintain a businesss professionalism.

Myth 4: Commercial Cleaning Supplies and Techniques Are Ineffective

Sometimes businesses wonder whether the products used by professional cleaners have an impact on their spaces. While this may seem like one of the more ridiculous cleaning myths, its a common misconception that commercial cleaning products dont work effectively. Rest assured, expert cleaners use the best techniques and products available for commercial cleaning.

Myth 5: Janitors Dont Receive Adequate Training and Vetting

Some businesses considering commercial cleaning services worry about the trustworthiness and training of professional janitors. After all, these workers typically provide services after closing hours when there is no one around.

Janitorial cleaning in Minneapolis only put thoroughly trained and vetted employees on cleaning jobs. Because of the discretion and trustworthiness required for successful commercial cleaning, providing seasoned, qualified janitors works in everyones favor.

Myth 6: Businesses Cant Control Their Cleaning Services When Outsourcing

It might seem like hiring a Minneapolis commercial cleaning company would relegate the control of which areas receive service to the business supplying janitors. In actuality, professional cleaning companies work with their clients to design a custom sanitation plan that suits their specific needs. Minneapolis business owners can expect to have complete control over what cleaning services occur in their space.