Zebra Plumbing Assists Melbourne Properties With Burst Pipe Or Leak

Published July 27, 2023
Hawthorn, Victoria -

Zebra Plumbing of Melbourne, VIC is pleased to provide their expert services in fixing leaking or burst pipes and taps. Learn more here: https://zebraplumbing.com.au/services/tap-leak/.

They emphasise that they are aware of the particular plumbing issues that Melbourne residents face because they are a locally owned-and-operated business. Their team of licensed plumbers uses some of the most cutting-edge equipment, techniques, and technologies in the plumbing industry as part of their commitment to providing excellent service that exceeds customer expectations.

Repairing a leaky tap typically entails taking it apart and swapping out any worn-out or damaged components. To make sure the tap is operating properly, the team at Zebra Plumbing will also clean and lubricate some components. If a tap is beyond repair, it might occasionally need to be replaced entirely. The team of plumbers will test the tap after the repair is complete to make sure it is functioning properly and is no longer leaking.

To ensure that the washer sits against a flat surface, does not cause further damage to the breach from leaks, and creates a perfect seal, the parts can be machined on-site. The team also makes use of special washers that are much more durable and guarantee that leaks and dripping taps will not be an issue in the future. While many businesses may offer a generalised service, Zebra Plumbing guarantees plumbers who specialise in burst pipe repairs and have the necessary tools and training to complete any job in this category.

Plumbing issues can be inconvenient, disruptive, and costly. The plumbing pipes in a home frequently require regular maintenance or repair, from patching burst pipes to replacing old pipes. In order to keep customers’ houses well-maintained and operating at peak efficiency, the company provides a wide range of relevant services. Sinks, toilets, faucets, and drains are just a few of the items they can install, fix, or replace. Additionally, the company’s plumbing specialists provide expert guidance maintaining existing systems so that customers can completely avoid these issues. Learn more here: https://zebraplumbing.com.au/services/burst-pipe/.

A burst pipe can result in extensive damage. According to Zebra Plumbing, the primary factor in burst pipes and faucet failure in the home is high pressure. The likelihood of a future rupture can be greatly decreased with the aid of pressure-reducing valves. Pressure reducing valves are generally installed to prevent burst drain pipes. For either domestic or commercial use, the company offers a variety of services to meet domestic and commercial needs. The team will repair and calibrate systems in order to prevent future damage.

Zebra Plumbing also offers a range of services concerning gas line maintenance and repair. Safety is crucial whenever gas is present, so customers can depend on the team of experts for all of their needs, including gas line replacement, carbon monoxide testing, and gas line leaks. All of the company’s plumbers are licensed in gas leak detection, inspection, and pipe replacement. Zebra Plumbing's gas leak detection and repair services allow customers to enjoy peace of mind in knowing that they are in good hands. Learn more here: https://zebraplumbing.com.au/services/gas-leak/.

Byron Slabbert, a domestic and commercial plumber with more than 12 years of experience, founded Zebra Plumbing, a domestic plumbing business with offices in Melbourne. In addition to having an accounting degree from a university, he has experience as a plumber, which has given him a special understanding of and passion for offering high-quality service. The business has obtained the necessary insurance to conduct business as a plumbing contractor in Melbourne and the surrounding areas. It is made up of a group of qualified and experienced plumbers, and it is licensed by the Victorian Building Authority.


Zebra Plumbing stands out among plumbers in the Melbourne area thanks to their transparent communication, approachable demeanour, and open pricing. Zebra Plumbing’s dedication to putting the customer experience first has earned it the trust of Melbourne’s property owners. This confidence is also reflected in the perfect 5-Star overall rating on its Google Business Profile (from over 50 local reviews), with customers praising the company’s affordable pricing, responsive customer service, and exceptional workmanship.

For local homeowners in a bind who require immediate assistance, Zebra Plumbing provides round-the-clock emergency plumbing services. To ensure that all of the customers' plumbing needs are met, the business also provides interest-free payment plans for those who require extra assistance. Customers may visit their website, give them a call, or send them an email to find out more about their services.


For more information about Zebra Plumbing, contact the company here:

Zebra Plumbing
Byron Slabbert
201/1 Morang Road Hawthorn 3122

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