Turning Point Family Mediation Offers Help with Separation Agreements in Ontario Canada

Published December 11, 2023

Turning Point Family Mediation, a company based in Toronto, ON, Canada, is offering assistance with regards to separation agreements in the province of Ontario without the need for a lawyer. Their services have been featured on a number of blogs and have been featured online a large number of times. Their services include: mediation services, divorce mediation services, legal separation services, and property division services.

A separation agreement is a legally binding document that provides a summary of the various terms of the separation. It usually includes all legal agreements with regards to property (assets, debts, matrimonial home, gifts, inheritances), including child and spousal support, and a Parenting Plan. It will also include the agreements with regards to any life insurance policies, and medical or dental insurance plans. The mediators will apply the terms agreed upon during the mediation process to draft the Separation Agreement.

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For those who prefer it, they can also offer secure video mediations, through the Zoom video platform. This alternative is for those who are unable to attend a mediation in person or those who are unable to travel to one of their office locations. This will allow one of the parties or both parties to complete the mediation process in the comfort of their home.

An important element of the Separation Agreement are the calculations for child and spousal support. These calculations can be complex and there are various factors to consider in determining what is proper. At Turning Point Family Mediation, they apply cutting edge software and the Child Support and Spousal Support Guidelines to provide a precise computation that ensure a fair outcome for both parties while preparing for the best possible future for the children. More information about the various aspects of legal separation can be gleaned from their featured blogs.

Meanwhile, the Parenting Plan is a document that presents the comprehensive details of the agreed upon plan on how to raise the children after a divorce or separation. It presents clear guidelines and expectations on how both parties will co-parent after the separation or divorce. It will include details on various subjects, such as: parenting time; residency schedule; decision making; holidays; recreational activities; schedule management of recreational activities; religion; healthcare; friends, family, and other parties; introductions to new partners; screen time; children’s belongings between homes; and rules around mutual respect and boundaries.

Another important topic to discuss in the Separation Agreement is spousal support. The ranges for the duration of spousal support and the amount can be wide ranging so it may take some time before the couple will agree on a particular amount and duration. In Ontario, marriage is considered as a financial partnership, which implies that there are no separate assets and finances. In general, all of the income and assets earned during marriage are shared and combines, except for some exceptions. Thus, if a marriage ends, it is vital to discuss all financial aspects and earned income with the assistance of a family mediator.

Meanwhile, with regards to the division of property, it is important to note that in Ontario, both spouses have an equal and legal right to continue living in the matrimonial home until such time that the property is officially sold to one spouse, to a third party, or until a court order requires one spouse to move out of the home.

Founded in 2020, Turning Point Family Mediation offers alternative dispute resolution services in the province of Ontario in Canada. They are focused on providing a clear and affordable way towards dispute resolution for couples wanting to get a divorce or separation, in a personal, positive, and impartial environment. The mediation is conducted by an experienced, highly qualified, and impartial professional to help the couple come to an agreement in all aspects of the separation. The result will be a legally binding separation agreement and parenting plan if necessary.


Those who are interested in learning more about the services provided by Turning Point Family Mediation can visit their website or contact them through the phone or by email. People can also know more about their services by checking out their online mentions.


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