Tucson Solar Company Explains Whether Solar Power Is Worth It in Tucson

Published September 20, 2023

Sunstate Power Solar Solutions, a solar company based in Tucson, AZ, has recently released a blog post that examines whether going solar is worth it in Tucson. They point out that the cost of a solar panel installation will vary based on a number of factors, including the brand of the solar panels, the size of the system, the installer, and the incentives that are available. The amount of energy consumed plays a vital role when determining the potential savings when shifting to solar energy. Households with high energy usage are likely to benefit more from a move to solar power.

Brent Young, co-owner of Sunstate Power Solar Solutions, says, “In Tucson, the sunny weather provides ample opportunity for solar systems to generate electricity, reducing the reliance on grid power and saving homeowners money. It's also important to note that energy-efficient homes maximize these benefits by using less power overall. Investments in insulation, LED lighting, or energy-efficient appliances can further enhance the effectiveness of your solar system while lowering your home's total energy usage.”

Tucson solar customer standing by rooftop solar panels overlooking the city

Another key factor is the position and orientation of the roof with regards to the sun. In Tucson, southern exposure should be the goal to capture the sun’s path. Solar installations that face the east or west may also serve well but may result in less energy produced. Trees, nearby buildings, or chimneys may block sunlight and decrease the efficiency of the system. A solar installer will consider these factors when conducting a site assessment to make sure the photovoltaic system will be positioned in such a way that sunlight absorption is optimized throughout the year.

Meanwhile, the buy-back rates in Tucson can substantially impact the profitability of having solar energy installation in the area. These are the rates at which the local electric utility will pay the household for the excess power generated by the solar panels that is then fed back to the electric grid. As a reward for contributing to the electric energy available in the grid, depending on regulations and the agreements made with the utility company, the household gets credits on their bills, which is known as net metering. However, Tucson Electric Power has stopped its net metering program and replaced it with a net billing program, which credits $0.095/kWh for excess energy produced by the solar panels. Customers can opt for Time of Use (TOU) rates with demand-based rates or a grid-access fee. Thus, homeowners who are considering the possibility of having a solar panel installation will need to carefully evaluate the buy-back policies while computing potential savings from the system.

There are a number of benefits that homeowners will need to take into account when considering the possibility of going solar in Tucson. These include savings in the electric bill; a boost in home resale value; and having a clean and renewable source of energy. The weather and climate in Tucson offer the advantage of having over 280 sunny days a year, which makes it an ideal place for a solar panel installation.

Homeowners will also need to take into account the solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA) options. A solar lease offers several advantages. With a solar lease, there is little to no upfront costs. Homeowners will simply need to pay a fixed monthly amount. On the other hand, a PPA works in the same way as a lease where the homeowner only pays for the actual electricity produced, usually at a lower rate compared to that of their utility company.

Launched in 2009, Sunstate Power Solar Solutions is a top provider of solar energy solutions in the Tucson area. Locally owned and operated by brothers Brent and Trevor Young, the Tucson solar company is committed to offering the best solar solutions for both residential and commercial clients. Brent serves as the solar energy expert who will guide clients through the procedure of adopting a solar panel system to lower energy costs and improve the home’s environmental friendliness.


Those who would like to learn more about solar systems for residential and commercial buildings in Tucson and nearby areas can visit the Sunstate Power Solar Solutions website or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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