Trusted Billiards St. Paul Expands Elite Pool Table Movers & Repair Services to Minnesota

Published February 20, 2024

Known for their extraordinary services in the pool table sector, Trusted Billiards announces its business expansion to Minnesota. Celebrated for their impeccable work in moving pool tables, dexterous repairs and careful refelt work, this move allows Trusted Billiards to share its spectacular skills and top-grade craftsmanship with residential and commercial clients in Minnesota. For more information about their services, you can visit their website.

Subject to an expansive range of provisions, Trusted Billiards serves the broad demands of pool table owners, providing meticulous transferring services, large-scale repairs and premium felt replacement services. The ethos of this successful company is rooted in its unwavering devotion to the contentment of its customers, placing it amongst the top pool table movers Minnesota has ever experienced.

Transitioning a pool table is a complex task that relies heavily on a careful blend of force and finesse, turning what seems like a basic task into a challenge for those under-prepared. "Even the simplest oversight during the transportation and installation of a pool table can have serious repercussions on the quality of game-play, even causing potential harm to this fragile recreational asset,” warns Trevor LaChance, a highly-experienced pool table technician with Trusted Billiards. To ensure perfect game-play post-move, the company ensures professional leveling during installations.

While moving pool tables makes up a substantial part of Trusted Billiards' services, it's the comprehensive repair solutions provided by the company that stand out. Ranging from re-leveling wobbly pool tables, to rectifying damaged pockets and even repairing possible damage to the table frame or legs, no stone is left unturned by Trusted Billiards. The company's deep understanding of the fact that a perfectly leveled playing surface is paramount to a precise game has placed it as a superior choice for pool table repair jobs.

Supplementary to their moving and repair services, Trusted Billiards dominates the market in the field of refelting pool tables. Discarding the old, worn-out felt and swapping it with a fresh one calls for an acute precision, a skill that only practiced professionals can attain. "When carried out by our team of skilled professionals, a refelting job not only enhances the overall aesthetic of the table but massively improves the game-play, offering the players a superior gaming experience," explains LaChance. The significance placed on professional handling in the refelting process emphasizes the value Trusted Billiards places on perfect execution.

A unique offering by Trusted Billiards is their provision to dispose of unwanted pool tables. This move to declutter spaces stands as a testament to the company's environment-friendly disposal and recycling practices.

Being a company deeply rooted in the Minnesota community, Trusted Billiards is fully prepared to expand its services to the local market, abiding by the mantra of providing unparalleled service. "In our eyes, a pool table is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a precious asset that deserves the utmost care and respect," explains LaChance, reiterating the company's unwavering standards of service and care.

The decision to introduce Trusted Billiards to the Minnesota market is indeed a blessing for local pool enthusiasts. With this move, Trusted Billiards' professional and top-notch services are being extended to the rest of the state, promising a pool table experience that’s unrivaled in quality. With a commitment to quality, demonstrated by its impressive track record of skill and precision, Trusted Billiards is set to revolutionize the pool table service scene in Minnesota.


For more information about Trusted Billiards St. Paul, contact the company here:

Trusted Billiards St. Paul
Trevor LaChance
(651) 371-9922
2327 Wycliff St
Saint Paul

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