Top Executive Recruiting Firm Empowers Company Growth with Top-Tier Talent Acquisition Strategies

Published May 9, 2023
Denver, Colorado -

Bradsby Group, an executive recruiting firm headquartered in Denver, is connecting the best talent in the executive and C-level workforce with companies looking to grow.

With three locations across the United States, the recruiting firm finds the crème of the crop who want to take on their next career challenge and places them at organizations that are best suited to their unique skillset. As a 100% full-desk recruiting company, it not only works tirelessly to vet the best candidates but has also built working relationships with top companies currently searching for high performers to join their ranks.

To achieve its goals, the company’s recruiters rely on tried and tested talent acquisition strategies that yield results. Clients get to choose from a large pool of candidates who have responded positively to outreach strategies and feel enthusiastic about working to further their business goals. Moreover, rather than relying on automated software to perform the screening, it also places importance on “human intelligence,” one of the two main pillars responsible for its success along with “horsepower.”

“Human intelligence,” explains the spokesperson for Bradsby Group, “represents our belief that humans will always be better at matching candidates with companies than any algorithm out there. While computers can sift through thousands of resumes every second, they are not going to understand the individual behind the industry parlance and certifications. Only a recruiter with years of experience in their domain can determine the true value of a candidate, beyond just what can be represented on a piece of paper. We are also masters of understanding human nature and can discern nonquantifiable qualities like motivation and culture fit way better than any algorithm ever can.”

When asked to elaborate on “horsepower”, the spokesperson says, “We have a large, dedicated team of senior recruiters who have mastered their respective industries and know exactly what to look for in an ideal candidate. They cast a wide net and make sure only the most qualified, vetted, and motivated candidates bubble up to the top. They have meaningful conversations with potential recruits which give them an insight into what candidates expect from their new employers. This allows us to balance both the interests of our clients and our candidates and fill vacancies quickly and with the best people for the job.”

Bradsby Group has received several 5-star recommendations from candidates and companies alike for facilitating career transitions and helping businesses grow. A recent review from a satisfied candidate says, “I recently participated in a process with Christina Talamas, one of the recruiters, who was very helpful. She was very communicative and honest about my expectations for this job. It felt like a good relationship triangle between the hiring company, the recruiting company, and me.”

Another candidate recounts their experience with the company by saying, “I had a great and supportive experience with Bradsby Group. Executive Recruiter, Rob Dobson, reached out to me about a potential opportunity, made efforts to thoroughly review my background ensuring I could be a good fit with the company, and provided me with a lot of knowledge of the organization and what they value for the role. Ultimately, I received an offer that I accepted! Rob was available and followed up throughout the entire process.”

Bradsby Group was founded in 2004 as an employee-owned firm, a structure that encourages collaboration and incentivizes self-directed and entrepreneurial recruiters. The company is also on the list of America’s 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies and was deemed the #1 placement firm from 2008 to 2020 by the Denver Business Journal.

Bradsby Group executive recruiters hire for positions across several industries such as accounting & finance, automation & robotics, building materials, cannabis, construction, digital marketing & creative, energy, food & nutrition, industrial, legal, life sciences, supply chain, technology, and more.

Readers can get in touch with Bradsby Group Denver at (303) 813-8100 to schedule an appointment with a principal. Business representatives and candidates are also urged to email the company, specifying their industry and role, at


For more information about The Bradsby Group, contact the company here:

The Bradsby Group
Greg Peay
(303) 813-8100
Bradsby Group Denver
1700 Broadway, Suite 1500
Denver, CO 80290
(303) 813-8100

Bradsby Group Houston
363 N Sam Houston Pkwy E,
Suite 890
Houston, TX 77060
(713) 335-0989

Bradsby Group Connecticut
Westport, CT 06880
(203) 800-9672

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