TICAL Now Taking Orders For Locking Humidor For Cannabis

Published January 16, 2024

Buy TICAL, based in Staten Island, New York, is pleased to announce that pre-orders for the brand’s unique locking humidor for cannabis can now be placed via its official website. Known as the TICAL Black Honeycomb Storage Lock Box, this humidor comes with a number of bonuses that make it an excellent choice for any fan or collector, and it will begin shipping in Spring 2024.

Originally, humidors were created to provide a controlled environment for storing and aging cigars. These containers are typically climate controlled, maintaining a specific temperature, humidity and ventilation via passive or even active means in order to preserve the flavor, aroma and quality of stored cigars over an extended period.

The cannabis humidor from Buy TICAL plays a similar role, with the chief difference being that it is tuned to store cannabis and cannabis-related products. Within its controlled environment, cannabis can be kept fresh, maintaining potency as well as ensuring it remains free from molds and other types of contaminants. The TICAL Black Honeycomb Storage Lock Box essentially helps to prevent the deterioration of the cannabinoids, terpenes and overall quality of the cannabis by providing the ideal conditions for long-term storage.

Those who want to maintain their cannabis products will likely be satisfied by a humidor from any reputable brand, but Buy TICAL is confident that no product on the market comes close to offering the same features and bonuses of the Black Honeycomb Storage Lock Box. In addition to the humidor itself, for instance, customers will find that their delivery will include an autographed Certificate of Authenticity by Method Man himself, otherwise known as Clifford Smith, Jr.

This is only the beginning. Buy TICAL says the Black Honeycomb Storage Lock Box is intended to represent both elegance and luxury, and this is represented in its beautiful construction. Each marijuana lock box is carefully crafted and hand painted, and the extensive use of wood in its makeup serves to lend it a classic, timeless charm. Buy TICAL is aware that the modern smoker is looking for goods that are discreet and practical — the hallmarks of enduring class and luxury — and this influence is heavily evident in the design of the Black Honeycomb Storage Lock Box.

Today’s smokers also utilize a range of accessories to make the most of their marijuana products, a fact that is not lost on the Buy TICAL team. As such, every purchase of the Black Honeycomb Storage Lock Box will include a gold bone holder (a middle split travel container for use on the move), 4 Limited Edition TICAL stickers, a one-of-a-kind TICAL Pin, a Limited Edition TICAL lanyard, a custom honeycomb print rolling tray (which can be detached from the lock box), a gold-colored kitchen grinder and catcher made of high quality zinc alloy, 4 TICAL custom glass jars, 4 TICAL custom non-stick containers, custom upcycled rubber coaster by Moodmats and a custom gold-colored Zippo (shipped empty).

The lock box boasts numerous features that make it a useful companion even without the bonuses being provided by Buy TICAL. For instance, as the name implies, it features a working key and combination lock, allowing owners to afford their cannabis products a degree of discretion and security. Once open, users will find that the lock box is lined with a gold vegan-friendly leatherette interior — with high density foam to keep glassware safe. There are elastic straps (for holding pre-filled oil canisters upright), and the designers have added a small side nook for tools and papers.

Briefly put, the TICAL Black Honeycomb Storage Lock Box can serve as an all-in-one storage container for all the owner’s cannabis products and accessories, and they can rest assured that all its contents will be ready to use even if stored for an extended period. The box is strong, durable and odor-resistant, making it perfect for regular, long-term use.

Customers may place their order for the TICAL Black Honeycomb Storage Lock Box today via the company’s official website. This product is available for both domestic and international shipping (additional fees may apply). Information on other Method Man merch can also be found on the Buy TICAL website and social media spaces.


For more information about Buy Tical, contact the company here:

Buy Tical
Joshua “Raz” Rassin
(201) 430-5455
Staten Island, New York

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