The Cup CoffeeHouse Publishes New Blog Post: 15 Strongest Starbucks Drinks

Published July 28, 2023

SUGARLAND, TEXAS – The Cup CoffeeHouse, an online blog celebrating all things coffee, is pleased to announce the publication of their new post “15 Strongest Starbucks Drinks.” This new post highlights the strongest coffee drinks at Starbucks, and how to customize drinks to be stronger. For coffee lovers who are obsessed with getting the perfect morning brew, this blog post is sure to offer new tips and tricks. Written by one of The Cup CoffeeHouse’s top contributors, Garret Jacobs, this post can help readers get the most out of their daily Starbucks trip.

“Great coffee is a work of art,” says Jules Winnfield, Chief Editor for The Cup CoffeeHouse. "At The Cup, we are nerds for coffee. To us, coffee is more than just a caffeinated drink. It's a way of being that represents the ever changing mystery of who we are as people and what we can become."

In the new blog post, Starbucks’ 15 most caffeinated, ‘jolt you awake’ drinks are listed from least to most. The list includes popular drinks like the “Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew,” the “Starbucks Clover Brewed Coffee,” and the “Nitro Cold Brew.” The article goes in depth as to why each drink is so strong, including a numerical caffeine count in milligrams for each tasty brew. The fifteenth strongest coffee drink is the “Espresso Frappuccino Blended,” at 185 mg of caffeine, while the first strongest drink is the “True North Blonde Roast Filter Coffee” at 475 mg of caffeine. Visit for a complete list of drinks.

The article also offers tips on making Starbucks drinks stronger, such as ordering a long shot of espresso in a drink. The long shot is different from a normal shot of espresso because it requires a longer extraction. While the long shot might taste more diluted due to the higher water content, because the extraction process is longer, it is more caffeinated. This insider tip can help coffee lovers get more bang out of their morning joe at Starbucks.

For stronger coffee, it’s also important to pay attention to the type of roast. When coffee beans are roasted, the longer they are roasted, the more caffeine is burnt off. So if ordering a dark roast, the coffee will have a lighter caffeine content. But when ordering a blonde roast, for example, the caffeine content is much higher. This is why knowing roasts is so important to getting a strong coffee. The lighter the roast, the more caffeine. It makes sense that the True North Blonde is the strongest caffeinated drink on The Cup CoffeeHouse list.

The article also offers tips on getting the strongest coffee drink for the cheapest price. According to the blog post, ordering a double shot of espresso is the cheapest way to get a big bolt of caffeine from Starbucks. Double shots are popular amongst coffee goers for this reason. For more coffee inspiration, check out The Cup CoffeeHouses’s Pinterest at

Drinking coffee comes with many benefits, as well as its fair share of disadvantages. While coffee can put more “perk” in a person, increasing their focus, alertness and metabolism, and it can cause jitters or make a person a little irritable without it. Even still, coffee is one of the most enjoyed beverages in the world, and is popular in almost every culture on earth.

“Coffee brings people together, and makes a person’s day a little brighter,” says Winnfield. “There’s something magical about getting the perfect cup of coffee to kickstart your day. Whether you love sweet and hot drinks, or something iced and refreshing, there are countless ways to enjoy coffee and make it part of your everyday life.”

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