Sydney Plumbing Group Explains How They Get Rid of Roots in Drains and Sewerage Lines Once and for All

Published September 19, 2023

Sydney Plumbing Group, a plumbing contractor based in Greystanes, NSW, Australia, has explained how to eliminate tree roots that get into drains and sewerage lines for good. Tree roots may find themselves in drains and sewerage lines and this may cause the pipes to crack and break. Most plumbers will simply get rid of the roots using drain cleaning equipment. Unfortunately, the roots will continue to grow and within three to four months, they will have blocked the drains and sewerage pipes again. To prevent this from happening and to ensure that the roots are eliminated once and for all, Sydney Plumbing Group uses a specialised kind of herbicide treatment that doesn’t damage the pipes and plants.

A spokesperson for Sydney Plumbing Group says, “There are a number of things that you may not know about tree roots. First, the roots will grow back and the drain will re-block again. Second, the roots will grow back and will grow thicker, stronger and faster. Third, these roots will continue to damage the pipes and will eventually need expensive rehabilitation. Get in touch with the experts from Sydney Plumbing Group now and enquire about our herbicide treatment services by calling our warm customer service team on the phone or book your appointment online today.”


They also want to point out they have achieved the reputation of being Western Sydney's top plumbers as evidenced by the five star reviews they have been receiving. They currently have an overall rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google after receiving more than 60 reviews. In one recent review about their drain cleaning service, Billie R. gave them a five star rating and said, “Jeremy was a lifesaver today. Not only did he respond quickly, his level of professionalism and expertise was greatly appreciated. Will definitely use him again.”

In another recent review, Evan H. talked about the drain cleaning, leak detection, and water tank installation services they received. He gave them five stars and said, “Jeremy did some emergency work for us. He did such a great job we couldn’t have been happier. One of the best Sydney plumbers and so reliable.” In another recent review, Jarred R. talked about the toilet repair and water heater installation services they received. He also gave them a five star rating and said, “Jeremy came out promptly came out repaired all my blocked toilets and installed a new water heater. He was highly professional and did it a lot cheaper than other plumbers quoted. I definitely use him again. Thank you Jeremy and team.”

In another recent review, James Y. praised the water heater installation, plumbing leak detection, plumbing pipe repair, and plumbing leak repair services provided. He gave them a five star rating and said, “After my Dux hot water decided to die last night Jeremy came out late tonight with a brand spanking new Rheem hot water system and found the time to fit me in so my family and I can shower like human beings once more. On top of that he found a major leak in some of our existing plumbing which he was able to fix as well as a previous plumber had not used any glue and probably got his licence out of a cereal box. Great work, good pricing, came on time. Could not recommend any more highly. A1 work.”

Sydney Plumbing Group is a family-owned and operated company that offers expert plumbing services in Sydney and nearby areas. The services they provide include: gas fitting; drainage; taps and toilets; leak detection; bathroom renovations; blocked drains; hot water equipment replacement/ servicing; and emergency plumbing. The expert and friendly plumbers at Sydney Plumbing Group are focused on ensuring the client’s plumbing problem is left unattended to for too long to prevent more serious plumbing issues.

Those who are looking for Sydney's top emergency plumbing service can check out the Sydney Plumbing Group website or contact them on the phone or through email.


For more information about Sydney Plumbing Group, contact the company here:

Sydney Plumbing Group
0411 894 552
6 Orange St,
NSW 2145

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