STD Dating App Welcomes New Singles

Published February 12, 2024
Chicago, Illinois -, a dating app for positive singles, is pleased to invite new members to join the platform today. Accessible via their official website and new mobile app, offers people with herpes, chlamydia, hepatitis and many other STDS to find romance, seek support with their condition and more.

“Think of us as a group of individuals with human interests and human needs,” comments a representative from “Everyone wants to make the most of their lives, be it via fulfilling careers, exciting hobbies or lasting relationships. While many of these pursuits are unlikely to change following an STD diagnosis, relationships tend to become notoriously difficult to engage in. As a result, many feel that a positive diagnosis will spell the end of their dating life. Thanks to, this is no longer the case.”’s chief claim to fame is the fact that it caters exclusively to positive individuals. Those who sign up are prompted to enter their positive status as part of their personal details, and this will intentionally be more accessible to the wider community than on other dating platforms. According to the team, there is an excellent reason for this: any searches the new member runs for potential matches will be more successful if limited to other members with a similar positive result.

In practice, this means individuals with herpes can run searches for other people with herpes. MeetPositives says this allows both parties to skip one of the most awkward parts of dating while positive, which is to alert a partner to the positive status. Since both parties in this case are positive (and both are on a platform which eliminates the associated stigma), they can commit all their energy to evaluating each other by more typical criteria. Their positive status will no longer present an obstacle to their conversations or interactions.

Among the positive community, the conversation where an STD diagnosis is shared with another party is known as ‘The Talk.’ For reasons that many will find self-evident, The Talk is avoided as much as possible, to the extent that positive individuals may consider forgoing romantic pursuits altogether in fear of eventually having to go through this difficult step in their relationship.

“You often cannot avoid The Talk,” points out the representative. “If you plan to get physically intimate with your non-positive partner, you will need to share all relevant information so they can make an informed choice and will be able to take their own precautions to limit the risk of infection. The right move is always to inform them, and doing otherwise would be deeply unethical. However, this is of much less concern on Your ‘talk’ can happen before you ever say a word to each other.”

Given how sensitive member data is, the platform goes to great lengths to protect each user’s privacy. At all times, members have full control over how much information they share about themselves, and a romantic connection made over the platform can always progress at a pace they are comfortable with. This includes details about their identity, location and so on. maintains a safe, welcoming environment at all times, but each member is free to engage with the community on their own terms.

This is especially intriguing given that can be much more than a dating app. For instance, given it represents a global collection of users who all share a positive status in common, it often hosts discussions based on other aspects of life as a positive individual. Many come to for the companionship it offers (both platonic and romantic), and they can often find help dealing with the realities of their condition from people who have already experienced similar challenges.

New members may download on the Google Play Store to join a community of like-minded individuals. Whether they are looking for friendship or romance, their next relationship is only a few taps or clicks away. Other inquiries may be directed to Michael Task of


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