Stansberry Asset Management (“SAM”) Sets New Standard with Outstanding Performance Across Five Key Investment Strategies

Published December 1, 2023

New York, NY – SAM is delighted to announce exceptional performance in many of its diverse investment strategies, reinforcing the strength of its asset management capabilities. SAM's commitment to delivering superior results for its clients is evident in the outstanding achievements of the following strategies.

1. SAM All-Weather strategy:

2022 Performance: The All-Weather strategy has not only outperformed its benchmark in 2022 but has also received recognition for its consistency and excellence.

Rolling 24 Months: Achieving Morningstar’s prestigious 4-Star rating over the rolling 24 months reflects SAM's dedication to sustained success.

2. SAM Total Alpha strategy:

2022 Performance: SAM's Total Alpha strategy has outpaced its benchmark in 2022, showcasing its ability to generate alpha in varying market conditions.

Morningstar 5-Stars: The strategy has been awarded Morningstar’s highest rating, a testament to its exceptional performance and risk-adjusted returns.

3. SAM Forever strategy:

2022 Performance: The Forever strategy has demonstrated resilience and strength by consistently beating its benchmark throughout 2022.

YTD, Rolling 12, and 24 Months: SAM's commitment to long-term value creation is evident in the strategy's success over year-to-date and rolling periods.

4. SAM Venture Growth strategy:

YTD, Rolling 12, and 24 Months: The Venture Growth strategy has outperformed its benchmark year-to-date and over both rolling 12 and 24 months, showcasing its ability to navigate dynamic market conditions.

5. SAM Tactical Select strategy:

YTD Performance: SAM's Tactical strategy has exhibited agility and tactical acumen by outperforming its benchmark year-to-date, emphasizing its ability to capture opportunities in real-time.

Additional performance information on these and SAM’s other strategies is available upon request.

These results underscore SAM’s dedication to providing clients with investment solutions that, in recent history have, consistently outshined industry benchmarks. The recognition from Morningstar further validates SAM's position and reputation as a leading player in the asset management landscape.

SAM’s Chief Investment Officer Austin Root says: "We are proud of the outstanding performance of our key investment strategies. These results are a testament to the hard work, expertise, and dedication of our Investment Committee. SAM remains committed to delivering value and excellence to our clients, and we are honored of the recognition from industry leaders like Morningstar."

SAM continues to prioritize client success, and these achievements reinforce the firm's position as an industry leader.

For more information on SAM's investment strategies and performance, please contact SAM at or visit SAM's website.

About SAM:

SAM is a registered investment adviser that prides itself on independent thinking. They avoid one-size-fits-all packaged products, creating tailored strategies to help meet their clients’ investment objectives.

Understanding the value of independent thinking, SAM doesn’t simply follow the herd. They conduct their own research and then formulate their views. This approach to investment management is disciplined, well-informed, and dynamic to take advantage of unique opportunities across all sectors and asset classes. And they have a strong focus on managing risk and preserving capital in times of economic downturns. Their 2022 performance was a true testament to their approach.


Stansberry Asset Management ("SAM") is a Registered Investment Advisor with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. File number: 801-107061. Such registration does not imply any level of skill or training. This presentation has been prepared by SAM and is for informational purposes only. Under no circumstances should any information herein be construed as investment advice, or as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities or other financial instruments.

Performance figures are based on historical information and do not guarantee future results. Prospective clients should recognize the limitations inherent in the composite strategy and should consider all information presented by Stansberry Asset Management regarding the firm’s investment management capabilities.


For more information about SAM, contact the company here:

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