St. Petersburg FL Podiatrist Acquires Saorsa Swift Wart Removal Machine for Plantar Warts Treatment

Published May 1, 2023

Align Foot and Ankle, a podiatry practice in St. Petersburg FL, is happy to announce that they have recently acquired a Saorsa Swift microwave therapy machine that will be used for the treatment of plantar warts. The Swift machine offers a cutting-edge method of getting rid of plantar warts, which are difficult to treat on the surface because of their finger-like roots that reach deep into the tissue. With this innovative machine, low dose microwave energy is directed towards the wart, deep down to the root, to increase the temperature rapidly, which stimulates the immune system of the body to work on the warts.

Plantar warts are skin lesions found on the soles of the foot and just like other types of warts, they are caused by the human papillomavirus. The problem with plantar warts is their location, which causes pain whenever the patient is standing, walking, or whenever pressure is exerted on the wart and the roots are pressed deeper into the tissue. That is why the microwaves are needed to reach deep into the roots and cause the affected tissue to increase in temperature rapidly and stimulate the immune system to act on the wart.

With regards to safety, the Swift machine has already been approved by the FDA. Furthermore, microwaves are a kind of radiation that is non-ionizing, which means they will not damage DNA in the living cells. It is also important to note that microwaves have been used in medical treatments for more than 30 years, such as the treatment for various kinds of cancer, such as lung, liver, breast, and kidney cancer. And microwaves have found clinical applications in many countries all over the globe.

The Swift machine is equipped with an applicator that looks and can be held like a pen, allowing the podiatrist to accurately direct the microwaves to the affected tissue. And the machine has been designed to ensure that the microwaves will only travel in straight lines and will not have lateral spread, unlike with cryotherapy. This helps to avoid affecting the nearby healthy tissue. The applicator has a disposable tip that is to be only used once to avoid cross-contamination. That is why the Swift machine has an in-built sensor that detects if the tip has not been replaced and won’t operate until a new tip has been attached.

Furthermore, the treatment will not cause any cuts or injury to the skin. Thus, the patient won’t have the inconvenience of wearing bandages or dressings on the treated area. Patients will be able to immediately get back to their daily routines right after the treatment session.

And the procedure with the Swift machine will be very fast, usually lasting for only five to 10 minutes, in contrast to a typical session lasting one hour. There is minimal pain or discomfort, which only lasts for the duration when the microwaves are increasing the temperature of the affected tissue rapidly. This lasts for only about two seconds and then the pain or discomfort immediately stops.

Dr. Zachery P. Barnett, DPM, from Align Foot and Ankle says, “Here at Align, we’re in the business of helping people. We seek to unite purpose and fulfilling experiences with the anatomy of the human body. Movement is essential to life – and that starts with alignment. Because of this, we’ve dedicated our life’s work to helping people achieve optimal physical health, so they can lead optimal lives. We do this by cultivating genuine connections with our patients which, in turn, helps us provide them with exactly what they need. Our team doesn’t want to create a quick fix. We want to get down to the root of the problem. We aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves. With our people-first, refined approach, we tackle the tough stuff – and heal people while we’re at it.”

Those who are interested in learning more about using the Saorsa Swift machine for eliminating plantar warts and the other podiatry services can check out the Align Foot and Ankle website at or contact them on the phone or through email.


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