SEO Expert Jack Lombardi Presents a WPX Hosting Review

Published September 14, 2023
Chicago, Illinois -

Chicago Website Design SEO Company (CWDSC), a company based in Chicago, IL, is happy to announce their founder and SEO expert Jack Lombardi has presented a detailed WPX hosting review for 2023. This review explains what the WPX WordPress hosting service has to offer, what he has observed about their customer support, and if WPX is really capable of living up to all the hype. WPX hosting was developed by SEO expert Terry Kyle to address the typical issues SEOs encounter when hosting WordPress websites.

A key advantage offered by WPX hosting is fast website loading. This is vital because studies and Jack Lombardi’s own experience have revealed that when websites take three seconds or more to load, around 57 percent of site visitors will move to another relevant site. In addition, around 80 percent of these site visitors will never return to the website and 50 percent of them will likely inform other people about their unsatisfactory experience.

Jack Lombardi says, “Having a fast website is crucial to our online success. Unfortunately, I had to learn this the hard way, and believe me, poor website speed and poor support can kill your online success. It does not matter what your website is about online, you will benefit a great deal from a fast loading website. When the improvement of the website speed, it is easy to increase traffic. This is due to improved search engine visibility; search engines know the importance of load rate and how it impacts the user experience.”

WPX hosting is a high performance website hosting solution that was developed for WordPress websites. The company in charge of this is a well-established one and appears to be trustworthy. In addition to fast website loading, WPX Hosting has other useful features. For instance, they also provide website backups everyday. The backup files are stored in a separate server and are kept there for 14 days. In the event that something unexpected happens, the backup files can be retrieved for free. Those who want to learn about WPX hosting can take a look at the review on the CWDSC website.

WPX hosting also offers a WordPress website migration service for free. They will send a team to work with the client for the purpose of moving everything from the current host to a new WPX hosting account. This will also include moving all of the email messages associated with the website.

Furthermore, all of the plans provided by WPX hosting come with an email service. This allows the user to send and receive emails via the email address associated with the website domain name. It is also possible to set up one’s email such that the email messages are forwarded to one’s Gmail and Yahoo accounts.

The review noted that the management dashboard for WPX hosting is simple, which makes it easy and fast to understand and use. If there is any question, the user can contact their support team, which was very quick in responding. Other observations include: the ability of WPX hosting to handle extra traffic; a WPX hosting support team that is always responsive; and WPX hosting security. WPX hosting also offers a free SSL certificate. The user’s website will also be protected through enterprise-level DDoS by Incapsula. This will scan for malware everyday. Plan prices are also reasonable.

Overall, Jack Lombardi gives WPX hosting a five star rating because of its fast loading speeds, very fast support team, affordable pricing plans, ability to handle large traffic, simplified interface, and ability to handle other content management systems smoothly.

Launched in 2008 by Jack Lombardi, CWDSC has established the reputation as a leading digital marketing company in Chicago and other key cities in the United States. It has branches in seven other key US cities and provides digital marketing services to 76 other places. The company has a set of full-time SEO experts with each one having a particular specialty. The team’s total combined work experience goes beyond 25 years.

Those who want to know more about WPX hosting can visit the Chicago Website Design SEO Company website or contact them through the telephone or by email.


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