San Antonio Business Intelligence Consultants Bring AI To BI Dashboards

Published January 29, 2024

FreshBI, based in San Antonio, TX, is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and a host of other innovations to help clients maximize the value of their data. Interested parties may request a free consultation to learn more.

Business Intelligence consultants, or BI consultants, can help a business turn their operations around, but FreshBI is able to go the extra mile, deftly assigning machine learning and a range of purpose-built, automated tools to turn previously incomprehensible oceans of data into actionable information. While many clients will be able to act on this information on their own, FreshBI clarifies that their team of consultants will always be available to fine-tune any results as well as help users take full advantage of the opportunities at their disposal.

“No matter your niche, industry, size, location and so on,” remarks FreshBI CEO Craig Juta, “you likely have an enormous volume of data at your fingertips that is going under-utilized. You may be surprised to discover how much you can learn about your customers and business environment simply by parsing the data that comes within your reach. However much you know now, there is always more to learn.”

He adds, “The problem, naturally, is that the usefulness of your data tends to be obscured by its own volume. In the digital age, it is almost impossible not to gather data simply by interacting with customers and partners, and this can overwhelm your ability to identify which data points are relevant to you. Fortunately, this is exactly what we can help with — our experienced team of business intelligence consultants and BI dashboard designers have a unique approach towards data analysis and interpretation that places all the power in your hands.”

FreshBI is eager to work with businesses at virtually any stage of growth, from startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to large, multinational corporations. The secret, the firm says, is to personalize their product to meet the unique demands of each individual client. This results in a custom BI dashboard that is easy to interpret, allowing users to visualize the options at their disposal as well as gauge what their respective outcomes may be.

As a number of companies turn their interest to AI, Juta says it is crucial to identify scenarios where this revolutionary technology can have a measurable impact. At FreshBI, the team realized AI could elevate their existing strengths by affording users a superior degree of interaction with their business intelligence dashboards. Data exploration, Juta comments, has a reputation for being monotonous work, but it does not have to be. With AI, users can engage in a more familiar manner with their data.

“We found that AI allowed our clients to treat their data exploration as a regular conversation,” states Juta. “Thanks to our implementation, you can direct inquiries at your dashboard in the same way you would any other member of your team. Ask questions, seek clarification, request analytics on specific areas and more. You may have once felt the need to ‘translate’ your inquiries into a format your computer understands. This is no longer necessary. Your FreshBI dashboard is your digital consultant, and it is always ready to discuss the future of your business with you.”

This conversation takes place via a simple chat interface, which the vast majority of users will intuitively understand. Juta says clients are already using their dashboards to generate forecasting metrics and other useful pieces of feedback based on the business’ data, enabling them to respond quickly to concerns or capitalize on fleeting opportunities.

FreshBI has also imparted this system with the ability to learn from every interaction it has. As such, a client will find their AI partner becoming more responsive and insightful as time goes on, bolstered by its experience with its users.

The firm is ready and willing to demonstrate the capabilities of their BI tools, and this is why they proudly offer a free consultation to the community at large. Those who are interested in BI tools can check out the FreshBI website or contact them via email: They may also call or text (210) 294-9125.


For more information about FreshBI, contact the company here:

Madeline Henderson
(210) 294-9125
1100 NW Loop 410
Suite 700
San Antonio, TX

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