Ryan Garry LLC Stresses Necessity of Hiring Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyers with Record of Not Guilty Jury Verdicts

Published November 29, 2023
Minneapolis, Minnesota -

Ryan Garry LLC, MN Criminal Lawyers, a law firm based in Minneapolis, MN, wants to stress the necessity of choosing an experience criminal defense lawyer with a record of not guilty jury verdicts. The firm has recently released a blog post that explores the different reasons why such a lawyer is essential when navigating the complexities of serious criminal cases. A competent criminal defense lawyer has to have the knowledge and expertise, can build a strong defense strategy, is a skilled advocate, and can navigate complex legal procedures.

Ryan Garry says, “Being charged with a serious criminal offense can be an incredibly daunting and life-altering experience. The consequences can be grave, including imprisonment, hefty fines, and a potential criminal record that can have far-reaching effects on one’s personal and professional life. In such challenging circumstances, the importance of hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney with a proven track record of not guilty jury verdicts cannot be overstated. Going with the cheap attorney is not the right move.”

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A criminal defense lawyer with a record of not guilty verdicts is an experienced attorney who has in-depth understanding of the nuances of the criminal justice system in Minnesota and how to navigate that complex world. Because of their extensive knowledge, they can detect potential flaws in the case of the prosecution and challenge the evidence presented against their client, and create a strong defense strategy.

Such an experienced criminal defense attorney will always perform a thorough investigation of the details of the case to make sure that they are able to identify witnesses and every evidence is collected. They also have the ability to carefully analyze police reports, examine forensic evidence, and consult with expert witnesses. It is through this kind of robust investigation that the criminal defense lawyer is able to pinpoint any weaknesses or inconsistencies in the case presented by the prosecution.

Criminal defense lawyers with successful track records, such as the lawyers at Ryan Garry LLC, will take a different approach for each case, depending on their strategy. They will craft a strong defense strategy depending on the circumstances, evidence, and legal elements that are specific to the case. It is their view that no two cases are similar and they will tailor-fit their approach accordingly. They may introduce expert testimony, present convincing arguments, or challenge the credibility of witnesses against their client to establish reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors.

Experienced criminal defense lawyers are also knowledgeable and skilled in navigating the complex legal procedures. They can guide their client through the maze of court hearings, motions, plea negotiations, and court and jury trial procedures. They will also make sure all of the necessary paperwork is carefully prepared and filed on time. An experienced criminal defense lawyer is also a skilled courtroom advocate and has the necessary interpersonal skills to effectively communicate with the opposing lawyers, juries, and judges.

Ryan Garry LLC is a firm that provides legal defense representation for individuals and businesses facing criminal charges from state or federal prosecutors. Ryan Garry is one of the few lawyers in Minneapolis who is certified as a Criminal Law Specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA). Only 3 percent of criminal lawyers in Minnesota have earned such a certification. In addition, every criminal lawyer in the firm is either a Superlawyer or a Rising Star Superlawyer. Ryan Garry is also among the Top 100 Lawyers in Minnesota for consecutive years, from 2018 to 2022. He has established a reputation of getting positive results for his clients. The firm can help with various types of criminal charges, including: RICO, murder, federal crimes, drug crimes, DUI, DWI, white collar crimes, criminal sexual conduct, burglary, arson, domestic assault, assault, robbery, mail fraud, manslaughter, identity fraud, healthcare fraud, securities fraud, and money laundering.


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