Prescription Aviator Sunglasses In High Demand at Method Seven

Published May 18, 2023
Santa Cruz, California -

Method Seven, a Santa Cruz based specialty optics designer, recently announced their new prescription aviator sunglasses for pilots. The company specializes in pilot sunglasses, indoor grow glasses, trail glasses, and polarized glasses for everyday use. The company is quickly becoming the go-to specialty optics company.

“Eyewear is a science,” says CEO James Cox about their pilot glasses. “Ours are the first scientifically researched and developed glasses for pilots.”

pilot aviators

When it comes to what makes Method Seven different from other prescription aviator companies, the company boasts a number of features that sets them apart. On their website FAQ section, they explain that their pilot glasses feature “notch filtering technology that enhances contrast while preserving your peripheral view, and 13 coatings cut through glare without screen disruptive polarization.” This means that while these glasses block harmful light, they aren’t dark enough to distort the pilot’s field of vision.

The glasses also feature “hand-tooled Japanese Titanium frames” that are both headset and flight helmet compatible. In addition to sunglasses with all of these features, pilots can now order prescription glasses.

“When we first released our pilot glasses, one thing we kept hearing from our customers was that they wished we had a prescription version,” says Cox. “We’re committed to helping our clients not only protect their vision, but also help them see more clearly. Our new line of prescription pilot aviators do just that.”

“The convenience and ease of having aviators that do “double duty” is important to pilots,” Cox asserts. “Piloting is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, and vision is as essential to a pilot as wings are to an airplane. So, when we began designing these aviators, we had to make sure that we didn’t cut any corners, or skimp in any way. ”

Designed for both function and style, these glasses are the “Mercedes” of eyewear, Cox says. Classy and safe, Method Seven’s pilot aviators are ideal for commercial airline pilots, military pilots, recreational pilots, flight school instructors and more.

“If you’re in the sky, you need our pilot aviators” says Cox. “When you try them compared to any other brand, you’ll see why our customers love us.”

Method Seven’s pilot aviators come with 4 different frame designs, including Patriot, Altitude, Ascent and Aviatrix – the latter of which is designed for female pilots. When it comes to lens type, the brand offers 3 different lenses. The first is called the “SKY series”, which is made from crystalline glass with 11 different elements, including the rare-earth neodymium. The second is called the “FLT series” which is made from a durable polymer that is virtually crack resistant. The third lens is the FLT24 Rx lens for prescription aviators made from a lightweight, super durable polymer.

Method Seven’s customer service team can help pilots choose the right glasses for them, from the frames, to lens, and the VLT. While most of the glasses on the site range in price from $200 - $250, the prescription aviators can run anywhere between $350 and $695. Customers should know that every purchase is protected by their Forever Policy. If the glasses are defective in any way, the company will correct or replace them. They can also repair glasses that have scratches or cracks. If the glasses cannot be repaired, the company will replace them at 50% of the market price.

“We stand behind everything we make,” says Cox. “If a customer is unhappy with our product, we have a 30-day money back guarantee for any returns.”

Customer satisfaction, however, is something the company prides itself in. Their products have hundreds of 5 star reviews on Google. Happy customers have left comments including, “Love them!” and “Simply the sharpest glasses I’ve ever owned.” Method Seven is proud to offer glasses that are beautiful, functional, and safe.

“The future for our company looks bright,” says Cox. “As we continue to make technological advances, our glasses will get even better.”

To learn more about their products and services, visit their website at For help selecting the right pair of glasses, call (831) 600-7455 or email them at The physical address of their office is 1010 Fair Ave suite K, Santa Cruz, CA 95060.


For more information about Method Seven, contact the company here:

Method Seven
James Cox
(831) 600-7455
1010 Fair Ave suite K, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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