Power BI Consultants at FreshBI Are Helping Clients Unlock the Business Intelligence Value Trapped in Their Data

Published July 10, 2023

FreshBI, a North American business intelligence solutions company, is inviting private and public organizations to find out more about how they can leverage their data to make faster and more accurate business decisions.

FreshBI uses Power BI, the highly popular interactive data visualization software from Microsoft, to create workflows and dashboards that help decision-makers get a real-time overview of critical aspects of their business. FreshBI helps clients maximize the information that may be hidden in their data by identifying key business metrics and plugging them into visualizations that refresh every time it is updated.

Craig Juta, the CEO of FreshBI, talks about the benefits offered by his company’s business intelligence solutions by saying, “The technical mastery that our business intelligence consultants have over Microsoft’s platform, coupled with their experience working in a range of industries, helps our clients get the information they need to respond to ongoing business challenges, reduce human errors, effectively course correct according to market forces, and create robust business strategies that yield dividends in the long term.”

FreshBI boasts a portfolio of several readily available dashboards which are created to serve a specific use case and can be customized to any client’s needs. Its Sales & Distribution dashboard allows businesses to visualize their partners’ feedback and happiness, performance based on product, budget, and time, future shipping calendar and routes, and more. Fresh BI’s Cash Runway Wizard is a cash projection dashboard that details the working cash capital runway, accounts payable and receivable, purchase orders and invoices, and payroll and other cash expenses.

The company’s Pocket Financials platform is a profit and loss dashboard that helps clients visualize their profitability, balance sheet, and balance sheet ratios, cash flow and cash flow statement, and all the above across months, quarters, and years compared to Budget and Prior Year. Cash To Cash Dash is an inventory management dashboard that visualizes inventory, cash, accounts payable and receivable, and how they are interconnected to form the Cash Conversion Cycle.

FreshBI’s experience in delivering business intelligence solutions for over 10 years is backed up by its industry credentials. The company is a Certified Microsoft Silver Partner which gives it access to the software giant’s wealth of resources including technical training and support. Every month, FreshBI also releases a new Pocket Dash, a bite-sized dashboard built for specific industry needs, with the most recent creations aimed at restoration companies, construction companies, and hospitals.

Clients from all over North America have shared their approval of FreshBI’s products and services through their testimonials. For improving the Business Intelligence Architecture for the BC Ministry of Health, Dave Ford, Senior Business Consultant at the Government of BC, says, “I’ve attended training from all of our other tool vendors over the years and this was honestly the best training I’ve ever received. I felt that the Fresh BI team that showed up and really complimented themselves and allowed for a very smooth Power BI training sessions."

The company also helped Intel Corporation create the modern platform required for making critical decisions about its investment in Research & Development. Decision Facilitator at Intel Trevor Denham says, “FreshBI was a wonderful partner as we were experimenting with new ways to use Microsoft PowerBI. The FreshBI partner service and acumen were exceptional as they expertly pulled together our data sources. The subscription model worked as advertised and provided us with the needed flexibility we required.”

FreshBI’s suite of business intelligence workflows and dashboards are available by signing up for a cancel-anytime monthly subscription at an all-inclusive price of $7000 per month. All the solutions built for the clients remain their intellectual property regardless of the subscription status. To get started, business owners and administrators are urged to sign up for a complimentary 60-minute Roadmapping Session with FreshBI’s business intelligence analysts.

Readers in Canada can contact the Victoria, BC, office of FreshBI at (888) 345-9210 while clients from the United States can get in touch with its San Antonio, TX, location at (888) 345-9210 or by email at contact@freshbi.com.


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