Pennsylvania Recovery Center to Hold Event Promoting Awareness for Alcohol & Drug Addiction and Mental Health Issues

Published September 18, 2023

Drug and alcohol intervention service provider Pennsylvania Recovery Center's Chief Wellness Officer Chris Therien is teaming up with West Chester University & Chester County District Attorney's Office to put on an event at the college promoting awareness for alcohol & drug addiction as well as mental health issues. Chris Therien, who is a former NHL player, will be providing insights about his hockey career and how he recovered from addiction and mental health problems. He will be presenting his inspiring talk, which is part of his Crime & Justice Lecture Series, at the main hall auditorium of West Chester University on September 19, 2023 at 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

In the above-mentioned in-person event, Chris Therien will share his wisdom and story of hope. He will be describing his experiences and the insights he has gained from his hockey career and how he was able to recover from his addiction and mental health problems. This event is not just for die-hard hockey fans or those who are interested in the sport, but also those who are interested in addiction recovery.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

Chris Therien is the author of the book, “Chris Therien: Road to Redemption,” where the former Philadelphia Flyers defenseman talks candidly and completely about his life and career. Chris shares stories about his life in professional hockey and his private struggle with addiction, including what he considers to be the lowest point his life in 2006 after his sister passed away. He had regarded himself as a social drinker when he was a college student and during most of his hockey career. That was before his drinking turned for the worse and was at its peak during his final season in the NHL. He suffered a severe concussion that caused him to drink more. It was then that he received the news about the death of his sister. Shortly thereafter, he finally went for rehab and detox for alcohol. At that point in time, his blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was 0.63 percent, which is high enough to kill a person or put them in a coma.

As a result of his signing up for rehab, he became sober and this lasted for two years until he suffered a relapse. Luckily, he had come to a realization even before going to rehab that he had a problem. A few months after relapse, he began going to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings. Having a supportive network of sober people who had also suffered alcohol use disorder proved to be vital for long-term recovery. He further went beyond by taking courses to become a certified counselor to become more involved in the treatment of addiction. Currently, he now serves as Chief Wellness Officer for Pennsylvania Recovery Center.

Founded in 2019, Pennsylvania Recovery Center serves as a provider of intensive outpatient rehab drug treatment & outpatient services for individuals who are struggling with substance use disorder, and alcohol use disorder as well as co-occurring mental health issues. Their vision is that everyone who is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction will find relief from addiction and a new way of life. They will offer the required resources and tools that can help each client in their care to develop a new way of life. Founder Brandt Norton says, “Recovery from addiction is a process of gaining sobriety, hope, peace, and returning back to families with a way of life that enables them to be happily and usefully whole. We have seen profound transformations through the process or recovery, and it is our goal to show our clients the path to long term recovery.”

Founder Brandt Norton graduated with a BS in Political Science degree but realized that helping people was more suited to this personality. He has served in various positions in a number of addiction treatment facilities. He says, “I am honored and excited to serve the community of Chester County Pennsylvania, and to help individuals as well as their families recover from the grips of addiction.”

Those who are interested in recovering from a life that is burdened by drug or alcohol abuse can check out the Pennsylvania Recovery Center website or contact them on the phone or through email.


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