Patient Says He Feels “Blessed” to Get Help with Overcoming Addiction at WhiteSands Treatment

Published July 28, 2023
Tampa, Florida -

Tampa, Florida — A man who sought help in his battle against addiction recently left a top review for WhiteSands Treatment.

In his 5-star Google review, Anthony wrote that he was having a “wonderful” experience so far in WhiteSands’ intensive outpatient program (IOP) at its Tampa addiction treatment center.

Best Tampa Alcohol & Drug Rehab Program WhiteSands

I am very blessed to have this opportunity to be here,” he wrote.

Anthony said he found the energy and dynamic of WhiteSands’ IOP to be “very comforting,” adding that he would highly recommend this outpatient program to others who are ready to get the help they need to overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery.

“I get a lot out of the groups, and when I leave the program every day I feel better than when I came in,” he wrote in his review.

WhiteSands Treatment is recognized as a top option for getting help with overcoming addiction throughout Florida, where the company operates a network of outpatient addiction treatment centers and three inpatient drug and alcohol rehabs, including in Tampa.

WhiteSands has earned praise from patients of all ages and all walks of life because of its focus on delivering the evidence-based care and cutting-edge support that people need to overcome the chains of addiction.

The company has also earned national recognition because of its work, including from Newsweek, which has named WhiteSands as Florida’s best addiction treatment center for three consecutive years.

Addiction to drugs or alcohol affects more than 22 million people nationwide. Addiction is a chronic condition that affects a person’s physical and mental health and even governs their behaviors with its powerful compulsions to use. People who are addicted to alcohol or drugs often experience disruptions to their life that go far beyond health concerns. Addiction can affect a person’s job, their relationships, and other important aspects of life.

Many people mistakenly believe that they can control their drinking or drug use. This may be why only a fraction of those people addicted actually seek formal addiction treatment for their condition. Unfortunately, addiction cannot be managed with good intentions alone. It takes major lifestyle changes and highly developed strategies for managing an addiction successfully.

WhiteSands has a nationally recognized reputation for addiction treatment excellence. They attract substance abuse treatment clients from all over the state of Florida as well as outside of the state with our wide range of addiction treatment offerings. Their recovery programs and rehab facilities have been listed in major publications like Newsweek Magazine, which ranked them as the best in the state. WhiteSands features medically sanctioned treatments like individual therapy and peer group counseling as well as alternative addiction treatments such as art therapy and holistic offerings like acupuncture and chiropractic care. Collectively, their therapies promote whole-person healing and recovery from addiction. Their aim is to continually be the most referred to addiction treatment center in Tampa, and across Florida. Because they understand that results and the recovery journey matter.

Patients, during their stay in inpatient rehab at their Tampa alcohol & drug rehab facility, can completely immerse themselves in WhiteSands' recovery programs. Each day in inpatient treatment is highly structured with treatments and therapies, including family therapy and art therapy, but WhiteSands also builds in downtime that allows clients to rest, relax, or enjoy the amenities. WhiteSands provides 24/7 support and supervision at their Tampa addiction center. While clients often feel unstable and vulnerable to triggers when they first begin their rehab journey, they will grow in confidence as they learn how to manage their compulsions to use and practice new, healthy strategies for living a sober life.

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