OnTrack Tasmania Bolsters NDIS Supported Independent Living Services in Hobart

Published February 20, 2024

OnTrack Tasmania, a leading home care provider in Tasmania, Australia for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), is announcing a vital expansion in their Supported Independent Living program within the NDIS Hobart region. This considerable increase aligns with the organization's steadfast commitment to offering superior, tailored support services to NDIS participants. The goal is to increase their independence, enhance their social inclusion and stimulate economic participation within the community.

Craig Clark, a representative of OnTrack Tasmania, comments, "The growth of our Supported Independent Living services for NDIS participants in and around NDIS Hobart has always figured large in our continued evolution." He goes on to say, "At OnTrack Tasmania, our primary objective is to positively impact the lives of our participants by providing them with high-quality resources and resilient supports that uniquely cater to their needs. This expansion in Hobart resonates with our mission, promising a fulfilling life of self-reliance and coherence for our NDIS participants."

Among the wide range of services offered by OnTrack Tasmania, the Supported Accommodation service holds significant importance. The service promises a broad spectrum of flexible accommodation options, with homes strategically located within the community to facilitate deep and meaningful connections. The focus on community-based housing options enables NDIS participants to access informal support from their local populace. Above all, the company offers fully furnished accommodations combined with a robust support structure, helping the participants build essential skills leading towards independent living.

Beyond just providing physical accommodations, OnTrack Tasmania also offers services titled Community Access and Mentoring. This initiative connects participants with appropriate mentors and integrates them into the fabric of the community with people who share similar interests and mindsets. Consequently, this initiative enhances their social interactions leading to comprehensive development of their social skills.

"Encouraging independent living is only one aspect," reaffirms Craig Clark. "The other is to foster an environment conducive to extensive community engagement. We place significant importance on developing meaningful relationships and nurturing transformative social interactions that are prerequisites for our participants' personal and social growth."

To chart the development path and guide the participants successfully through the complex NDIS system, OnTrack Tasmania extends its expertise through ndis support coordination. This approach is directed by a team of experts, working tirelessly to empower NDIS participants to make informed decisions, achieve their personal goals, and utilize their funding most effectively.

In addition, OnTrack Tasmania takes great care to ensure regular communication about the latest developments, news, and events. Being proactive keeps participants included and updated about changes that might impact their associated plans and routines. Furthering its goal to create a positive social impact, OnTrack Tasmania offers a plethora of employment opportunities for those wishing to contribute their skills in supporting NDIS participants.


With an ongoing commitment to people with disabilities and the mental health community, OnTrack Tasmania widens the scope of its Supported Independent Living services in NDIS Hobart. This expansion reinforces the organization's mission and underscores its vision of "Support, Coordinate, Advocate". The emphasis remains on enriching the living experience for people with disabilities and mental health conditions. OnTrack Tasmania's initiative broadens its sector footprint, generating waves of change towards a more inclusive society. Given their unwavering efforts, it won't be long before OnTrack Tasmania extends its reach throughout Tasmania and beyond, impacting every life in need of support and care.


For more information about OnTrack Tasmania, contact the company here:

OnTrack Tasmania
Craig Clark
1800 668 722
Unit 1/370 Main Rd, Glenorchy TAS 7010

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