North Chicago Insulation Contractors iFoam Offers Fast and Efficient Services With State of the Art Spray Foam Technology

Published July 18, 2023

NORTH CHICAGO – iFoam, an insulation contractor, is pleased to announce the ribbon cutting of their North Chicago location. The company specializes in spray foam insulation for residential properties, offering services such as residential retrofit, insulation removal, air sealing, and blown in attic insulation. Utilizing the best of spray foam technology, the iFoam team is committed to fast, efficient, high quality service. North Chicago iFoam owner Michael Cygan spoke excitedly about the opening of their business.

“As a longtime Chicagoan, I couldn’t be more thrilled to serve my community through iFoam," Cygan said. "My first priority as the owner of iFoam North Chicago is to provide clients with timely and efficient spray foam insulation service. Our team is made up of experienced, professional contractors who work with a smile. I’m confident that our iFoam team will provide the utmost care and service. I can’t wait to see how much we grow in the coming years.”

iFoam North Chicago team offers top notch spray foam insulation. Spray foam is a type of insulation that is sprayed as a liquid, and expands into a solid as it dries on a surface. This type of insulation is cutting edge, as it provides the most comprehensive insulation protection for a home. But all spray foams are not created equal. iFoam utilizes only the highest grade equipment and materials on all projects. This is how customers can feel confident in iFoam’s services.

Residential insulation is no small matter in a city like Chicago. The Windy City not only experiences high winds year round, but the frigid winters and muggy summers make proper insulation paramount. iFoam insulation provides a “tight seal” that prevents air infiltration and heat transfer, which ensures indoor temps stay the same, no matter the temps outside. This is necessary for those sub freezing winters and sweltering summers.

iFoam spray foam services are also important for moisture control. The spray foam acts as a barrier to moisture, which can prevent water reaching into the walls and causing mold or rot. Rain, humidity, snow and hail are no match to iFoam's spray foam technology.

Spray foam insulation can also help with air sealing, especially in older homes where air leaking is common. Air sealing improves energy efficiency, which can reduce energy costs for homeowners. Additionally, iFoam's spray foam insulation can help reinforce the structural integrity of a home, while also aiding in noise reduction. Visit company website to learn more about their spray foam services and their potential benefits.

iFoam doesn’t just provide insulation, they can also remove it. North Chicago homeowners might want to remove their home’s insulation and upgrade for a number of reasons. First, the insulation can be old, especially if the home was built anytime before the 2000s. Older insulation can be made of faulty materials, be defective because of moisture or rot, or it can carry unpleasant smells that attract rodents. Another reason homeowners may need to remove insulation is due to pest infestation, like cockroaches, termites, wasps or bees, ants, and more. Getting rid of insulation sometimes is the only way to get rid of infestation. iFoam can help with that. Sometimes, homeowners want to upgrade insulation for max energy efficiency which can save them money on their energy bill. Whatever the reason, iFoam North Chicago can quickly and easily removed and replace insulation at the convenience of the homeowner.

For North Chicago homeowners wondering if it’s time to upgrade their insulation, they can call iFoam and get a customized assessment. Depending on the project, customers can get a quote the same day as they call. Prospective clients can visit web site to schedule an assessment.

iFoam North Chicago is excited to serve their Windy City community. With iFoam, no project is too big or small. Just contact them to get an assessment and a quote. For media inquiries, please contact them 847-447-2057, 1265 Rand Rd Des Plaines, IL, 60016.


For more information about iFoam of North Chicago, contact the company here:

iFoam of North Chicago
1265 Rand Rd Des Plaines, IL, 60016

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