New Location Alert: iFoam Now The Premier Northwest Austin Insulation Contractors iFoam In The Lone Star State

Published July 18, 2023

NORTHWEST AUSTIN, TX – Franchise insulation contractor iFoam has announced the opening of its newest location in Northwest Austin, Texas. This opening is part of a larger expansion deal that’ll bring iFoam to numerous cities across the US. iFoam specializes in residential spray foam insulation, including residential retrofit, insulation removal, air sealing, and blown in attic insulation. The Northwest Austin iFoam owner Shiloh Jones spoke highly of the company at its recent ribbon company.

“iFoam is the best in spray foam insulation,” Jones remarked. “We are experienced, educated, and efficient with our time and materials. No other spray foam company can provide the quality of service and ease that we do at iFoam. We look forward to providing the best insulation services to our Austin community.”

Jones has spent the last 20 years as an Austin resident, so she understands the ins and outs of residential insulation needs. The Austin climate, as well as its wildlife make insulation paramount for homeowners in the hip and thriving metropolis. iFoam can take the stress out of home insulation by providing quick, easy and efficient spray foam service. Visit company website to see a full list of their spray foam services.

Spray foam is the leading insulation technology because it provides the tightest seal in homes. Spray foam insulation can improve a home’s energy efficiency, air sealing, reduction of heat transfers, and help a home maintain its internal temperature, despite the weather outside.

Weather in Austin is known for its long hot summers and wet seasons. Extreme heat means homeowners will need to crank up the a/c, and potentially overwork their unit. Additionally, the wet season can cause issues to the home’s structure, leading to leaks, mold and rot damage. iFoam’s spray foam Insulation is important in a climate as such because it adds an extra layer of protection. On hot days, a/c units work less and the homes stay cooler because of the proper insulation. On rainy days, the moisture resistant spray foam protects against water damage, keeping the home safe from mold.

iFoam can also help protect against rodents, insects, and termite infestation. When sprayed, the foam starts off as a liquid, but then as it dries, it becomes solid, like a rock. Bugs have a harder time burrowing through spray foam insulation because it's tough, durable, and resistant to moisture. This is why spray foam insulation helps create a healthier environment for homeowners in the buggy Austin, Texas.

iFoam's spray foam insulation can offer homeowners comprehensive protection from the elements, wildlife, and energy usage. The company can come out to a home and conduct a thorough assessment where the contractors identify any potential insulation risks. All in all, iFoam strives to make homes safer and more comfortable to live in.

According to iFoam’s website, insulation can improve a home’s energy cost by up to 30%. This means homeowners can save money by investing in better insulation. In a city where a/c units are life or death, and where wet seasons can cause tens of thousands of dollars in home damages, it’s important to have quality, trustworthy insulation. iFoam prides itself in helping homeowners live more energy efficiently, while saving money.

For homeowners looking to sell their home, iFoam recommends replacing old insulation and retrofitting with new insulation to increase the property value. Nowadays, it's not enough to just have a nice looking home – the more structurally sound the home is, the better. New spray foam insulation can increase the overall value of a home, and make for a more competitive sale. iFoam can help sellers improve insulation and make for a more desirable home on the market.

It’s clear that there are a number of benefits for spray foam insulation in homes, and iFoam wants to become Northwest Austin’s go-to insulation contractor. For more information on their services, their 5 star reviews, or how to schedule an assessment, visit web site. For media inquiries, please contact their sales department at 513-361-4205, 10921 E Crystal Falls Pkwy. Unit E204, Leander, TX, 78641.


For more information about iFoam of Northwest Austin, contact the company here:

iFoam of Northwest Austin
10921 E Crystal Falls Pkwy. Unit E204, Leander, TX, 78641

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