Minnesota Couples Counselor Renee Segal Featured on Well Said With Syd Podcast

Published February 20, 2024

Evolve Therapy, a top-rated couples counseling practice in Minnesota is excited to announce the feature of its founder, Renee Segal, on the insightful and influential "Well Said with Syd" podcast. Renee's participation in episode 13 of the podcast "Love Languages Aren't Enough w/ Relationship Therapist" marks a significant highlight in her journey of providing expert relationship counseling and emotionally focused therapy.

The "Well Said with Syd" podcast, hosted by Sydney Kaye, has garnered a reputation for its diverse guests and in-depth discussions on important life topics. Episode 13, featuring Renee Segal, MA, LMFT is part of a series encompassing a broad spectrum of expertise. Guests on the podcast include relationship therapists, advocates of self-improvement and being happily single, and human performance experts. The podcast's mission is to offer candid perspectives and practical advice on various subjects, ranging from relationships, health, and dating to wellness trends, work-life balance, self-love, and fitness.

 Love Languages Aren

Renee Segal's appearance on this esteemed podcast underlines her extensive knowledge and experience in relationship therapy. During the episode, she shared valuable insights into the complexities of romantic relationships, emphasizing the importance of emotional connection and effective communication in sustaining healthy partnerships. In the podcast, Segal notes that conflicts may arise from differing levels of affection, and addressing them requires effective communication. She notes that conflicts may arise from differing levels of affection; addressing them requires effective communication and coercion for intimacy may hinder the expression of physical touch as a love language.

Understanding the reasons behind defensiveness or reluctance towards chores can lead to more productive conversations and finding solutions that work for both partners. "Clear and open communication can be challenging in relationships, but timing and approach are crucial," commented Segal.

Under Renee's leadership, Evolve Therapy specializes in Emotionally Focused Therapy, a research-based proven effective method for navigating relationship challenges and enhancing emotional bonds for countless couples. According to Segal, Emotionally focused therapy helps break negative cycles and aims for secure attachment in relationships. The practice's success is a testament to its commitment to creating a supportive and understanding environment for couples to explore and improve their relationship dynamics.

The positive impact of Evolve Therapy is echoed by its clients, such as Nancy, who shared in a Google review: "I have had my ups and downs with my mental health, but Carolyn Ouellette has always been able to assist me in ways that allowed me to navigate my mind. I cannot thank her enough and feel so grateful to have someone who I can open up to and be completely myself with to turn to. I've overcome many complexities throughout my conversations with her. Thank you for all that you have done for me."

Renee Segal's reflections on her participation in the podcast are filled with gratitude and passion for her profession. "It was an honor to be included on the Well Said Podcast," she said. "Sharing my insights and contributing to meaningful conversations about relationships is at the heart of what we do at Evolve Therapy."

Evolve Therapy is dedicated to its mission of delivering exceptional relationship therapy and couples counseling services. The practice continues to support individuals and couples in understanding and nurturing their relationships, grounded in emotional intelligence and effective communication.


For those interested in exploring Evolve Therapy's services or booking a session with one of their experienced therapists, please visit Evolve Therapy's website or contact them at 763-200-8900. Join the journey with Evolve Therapy in strengthening relationships and building profound, lasting connections.


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