Milestone Church Announces Inspiring New Message Series: Miracles

Published September 14, 2023
Keller, Texas -

Milestone Church is thrilled to unveil its groundbreaking 8-week message series, titled "Miracles." This transformative program promises to embark participants on a spiritual journey with Jesus, focusing on the breathtaking miracles He performed and the profound messages they hold for humanity today.

The "Miracles" series, masterfully led by Pastor Jeff Little, offers not just a series of teachings but an immersive experience combining in-person and online sermons, a resource book, and the opportunity to join a Small Group for in-depth discussions.

A Deep Dive into Jesus’s Miracles: Most have pondered the tangible presence of God in their lives and His miraculous interventions. No figure in history performed wonders as Jesus did – from restoring sight to the blind, aiding the lame to walk, stilling raging seas, to the phenomenal multiplication of a lad’s meal to feed multitudes. This series aims to provide an insightful perspective on what God truly wants to convey through these miracles.

The series kicked off with two introductory sessions on August 19-20 and August 26-27, respectively. The Small Groups, central to this special message series, began on the weekend of September 9-10.

The message series takes a deep dive into Pastor Jeff Little’s latest book entitled, Miracles. This book isn't merely a supplementary text to the sermon series it's a passport to understanding the divine significance of Jesus's miracles. It can be conveniently purchased during weekend services, on weekdays at the Keller or McKinney campus, online with an option for home delivery, or soon as an E-Book.

Small Group Experience: Recognizing the unparalleled value of spiritual engagement in community with other believers, Milestone Church ardently encourages participants to join a Small Group. These groups will provide an intimate space to reflect upon and discuss the miraculous teachings of Jesus, creating deeper connections with fellow believers. Both onsite and online Small Groups are available, ensuring that no one misses out on this transformative experience.

Further enhancing this journey, Pastor Jeff has visited various locations where Jesus performed miracles. The weekly videos stemming from these visits will be synchronized with the respective chapters in the book, offering a tangible feel of the miraculous narratives.

For those interested in leading a Small Group, the church has meticulously prepared a 'Leader Guide', equipped with tips, prayers, expectations, and pivotal discussion questions. This mobile-friendly guide will ensure that every group benefits maximally from this spiritual adventure.

Participate Anywhere, Anytime: In the digital age, Milestone Church acknowledges the importance of flexibility. Whether one prefers to attend in-person or from the comfort of the home, the church ensures that everyone can seamlessly access the series, Small Group sessions, and all associated resources.

For those eager to be a part of this spiritual journey, Small Groups begin their sessions in the week starting September 9th. Specific details on days and times will be shared by the group leaders, ensuring smooth participation for all.

Join Milestone Church on this Miraculous Journey: For those excited to learn more about the miracles of Jesus, join Milestone in this 8-week intensive series, where Pastor Jeff will teach about how God shows up in peoples' lives and meets them in their moment of need. To get started, find the perfect group, purchase the book, or to access additional resources, visit Questions about Small Groups can be sent to


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