MedSource USA Expands Portfolio with Innovative Medical Tables Catering to Diverse Healthcare Needs

Published February 16, 2024

MedSource USA, a highly respected supplier within the healthcare equipment sector, has expanded its product portfolio. Their fresh offering includes a vast variety of top-notch medical tables. For more details on the range of medical tables available, please visit MedSource USA. MedSource USA tables have been meticulously engineered considering the distinct needs of medical professionals from various areas of expertise. The company has earned significant praise for its production of medical tables that provide an appealing blend of comfort, utility, and durability, thus improving patient care.

The array of products provided by MedSource is extensive and varied. It includes items ranging from Bariatric Tables to Wood/Metal Tables, designed following sophisticated aesthetics principles. Bariatric Tables, built to be stronger and wider, cater specifically to larger patients, ensuring their safety and comfort. These tables exemplify MedSource's core values, emphasizing patient safety and comfort.

The Hi Lo Tables, another ground-breaking product, come with adjustable height settings. This feature makes the tables easily accessible and comfortable for patients, especially ones facing mobility issues. It helps in achieving the perfect patient positioning and ensures efficiency during medical checks or treatments. This step aligns with the company's primary goal - emphasizing user-friendly designs across their product range.

Craig Lesner, a representative of MedSource, said, "At MedSource USA, we are committed to providing functional solutions that improve healthcare delivery, featuring patient safety and comfort as the fundamental pillars of our mission. This commitment accompanies the comprehensive line of Medsource USA Tables, where innovation seamlessly meets practical design. We continuously aim to push the boundaries of design and functionality to engineer equipment that facilitates excellent patient care."

MedSource also offers Mat Tables in response to the growing demand for rehab therapy. These tables sport spacious flat surfaces, enabling patients to comfortably perform guided exercises and stretches. Moreover, to address the healthcare needs of their younger clients, MedSource introduced Pediatric Tables. These have been designed with bright, children-friendly motifs, making the medical experience less daunting for kids.

Besides a vast array of tables, MedSource USA also sells numerous table accessories like table covers, straps, and cushions. These accessories reflect the company's dedication to improving their tables' functionality and longevity. This ensures that professionals can provide consistently high-level patient care.

Lesner further added, "Our remarkable selection of tables, such as the Traction Tables and Tilt Tables, are largely utilized for spinal decompression therapy. They assist in alleviating back pain and enhancing overall spine health. They offer numerous potential benefits for patients with diverse medical conditions, thereby fortifying our contribution in physical therapy and rehabilitation sector."

MedSource USA is operational from Monday through Friday, between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM CST. The company is based in Bloomington, IL. They can be contacted via phone at (888) 510-5100 or through email at Their extensive product offering, including Bariatric Tables, Hi Lo Tables, Mat Tables, Pediatric Tables, Traction Tables, Tilt Tables, Wood/Metal Tables, and an assortment of table accessories, manifests their unwavering commitment to catering to a diverse range of healthcare needs.

To conclude, MedSource USA reinforces its commitment to quality and accessibility by offering complimentary shipping on all its products. This allows healthcare professionals across the U.S to effectively equip their workplaces with durable, high-quality apparatus from a trusted supplier. Their expansive product offering clearly evidences MedSource USA's continuous commitment to providing easily accessible, premium healthcare solutions. For individuals interested in exploring the full catalogue of products and services, feel encouraged to visit the company's website at MedSource USA.


For more information about MedSource USA Medical Tables, contact the company here:

MedSource USA Medical Tables
Craig Lesner
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3002 Gill Street

Bloomington, IL 61704

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