Mediation Service In Camarillo, CA, Mediation And Family Law Documents Celebrates 17 Years Of Excellence

Published January 16, 2024

California law firm Mediation And Family Law Documents is proud to celebrate 17 years of providing compassionate mediation services to Ventura County residents. To find out more, visit

Founded by Rita Frayer, J.D., the firm specializes in divorce mediation, child custody & visitation, child support, restraining orders, and legal document preparation. It acts as a neutral third party to facilitate discussions between couples and keeps them focused on the options available to resolve the dispute. The law firm boasts a proven track record of crafting balanced agreements due to its experience of listening actively, asking thoughtful questions, and understanding every situation’s nuances.

Mediation And Family Law Documents is a civil mediatiion services in Camarill, CA in Ventura County

“Mediators work one-on-one with each party,” says Rita. “By carefully listening to the issues that each side has, we assist them to resolve their problems without court intervention, the latter of which can cost thousands of dollars and take years in the legal system. Working with us, you are assured a voluntary win-win solution that works for both parties and allows you to move on quickly from a sticky situation.”

Ms. Frayer’s distinguished background makes her uniquely qualified as a mediator. She graduated from Ventura College of Law and gained experience with the Ventura County Department of Child Support Services. Her work there resolving complex child support cases gave her keen insight into achieving equitable solutions. Prior to starting her firm, Ms. Frayer also gained additional legal expertise working in local law offices. Today, the Superior Court frequently assigns her challenging civil cases to settle through mediation rather than litigation due to her proven success.

Currently, Ms. Frayer serves on the Ventura County Superior Court’s Mediation Panel. She also dedicates time to giving back through community service. Her involvement includes serving as a Past Board Member of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Ventura and as a Founding Member of the VCCF Women’s Legacy Fund.

“With nearly two decades in business,” Rita says, “Mediation and Family Law Documents has established itself as a trusted provider of legal mediation services in Ventura County and surrounding areas. My unique credentials, legal insight, and dedication to compassionate conflict resolution have already helped hundreds of clients ensure optimal outcomes for family disputes." Find out more by visiting

The law firm’s mediation process begins with an initial consultation where couples meet with the mediators and discuss their needs, ask questions, and determine if mediation is the right fit for their situation. Next, the firm’s mediators work with each party to gather essential information about assets, debts, and any other relevant information. It is a deep dive that ensures the negotiations in the next step are informed and take the whole picture into consideration.

“After our mediators have gained an overview of the complete situation,” says Rita, “we begin joint meetings with the divorcing parties. These sessions focus on identifying common ground, addressing concerns, and developing solutions. A mediator facilitates productive communication, ensuring that each party has a chance to express their needs and concerns. We cut through the emotions that usually accompany the impassioned defenses from both sides and find solutions that work.”

Finally, once agreements have been reached, the law firm’s team assists in drafting a comprehensive divorce agreement that outlines the terms and conditions agreed upon by both parties, covering issues such as property division, spousal support, and child custody arrangements. Then, both parties are encouraged to seek independent legal advice to review the proposed agreement. Once both parties are satisfied, the final agreement can be submitted to the court for approval, formalizing the divorce.

Mediation And Family Law Documents has earned the trust and admiration of the clients it has served over the years. A recent review on its Google Business Profile says, “Don’t even know where to start with a Big thank you to Rita Frayer for going through this very trying time with me. She was extremely professional and very sensitive to my situation. I picked her out of her Yelp reviews as at the time I was lost in what to do. The best decision I’ve ever made!! She is the best!!! If I could give her 10 stars I would...”

Readers looking for mediation services in Ventura County, CA, are urged to contact Mediation and Family Law Documents at (805) 914-9644 or To view its office address, visit


For more information about Mediation And Family Law Documents, contact the company here:

Mediation And Family Law Documents
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