May 2023 Scotch Whisky Auction Launch by UK Based Whisky Auctioneer Whisky Hammer

Published May 25, 2023
Ellon, Scotland -

Whisky lovers have the opportunity to grab some of the rarest whiskies in the world at the monthly Whisky Hammer Auction. Whisky Hammer, a Scotland-based online whisky auction group, boasts a collection of 2500-3500 of the most unique whiskies money can buy each month. Created by whisky enthusiasts Craig and Daniel Milne, Whisky Hammer has been the go-to for whisky collectibles since 2015. For information on the current live auction visit:

The Milne brothers grew up in the Speyside area of Scotland which is home to some of the most renowned and beloved distilleries in the world. Taking a lifelong passion for spirits and collectibles, the brothers established Whisky Hammer to create a community for whisky sellers and buyers near and far. The auction takes place monthly, offering new collectibles every month.

2023 whisky auction

“Growing up in Speyside, whisky is part of every facet of life,” says co-founder Daniel Milne. “My brother and I have always had a passion for whisky, and with Whisky Hammer, we can share that passion with the world.”

Whisky Hammer is in network with the most coveted whisky collectors. With headquarters in Scotland and a contact office in Hong Kong, the company’s reach expands across five continents on the globe. They take pride in not only offering the best of the best in whisky, but by providing high quality customer service. Each bottle presented for auction goes through a rigorous authentication process to ensure that everything from the label to the contents are legit. After a bottle is sold, the team takes every precaution to package and deliver the bottles with the utmost care. For both sellers and collectors, Whisky Hammer makes the process simple, streamlined, and convenient.

Upon visiting the website, customers can search and view their array of whiskies. Collections can be sorted by name, country of origin, VAT status, region, distillery status, type, age, strength and size. This gives customers a number of ways to find the whisky they’re looking for. Customers can also view previous auctions to evaluate which whiskies were sold, and what the final bids were.

For sellers, Whisky Hammer offers both personal and courier collection services to make getting bottles to auction seamless and stress-free. They also offer a free valuation for any seller.

As previously announced, whisky collecting can be a very profitable business. Rare whiskies can range from $3,000 to $100,000 or more. “Bidding on these rare bottles can be an exciting experience for whisky collectors,” says Milne.

The company offers an online “dram bar” called Still Spirit, where enthusiasts can purchase drams of rare whisky at a fraction of the price of a full bottle. The online dram bar is a unique way for buyers to get a small taste of the best whiskies on the planet. This allows customers to create a personalised whisky tasting experience.

“Our online dram bar has been well-received by our customers,” says Milne. “Not many businesses offer a service as unique as ours, with the quality of spirits that we provide.”

Still Spirit also has a collection of champagnes, cognac, tequila, rum, vodka, and specialty Christmas spirits. The shop offers a selection of glassware, merch and books on whisky and whisky collecting.

Customers can also view the company’s blog to learn more about a particular bottle of whisky, including information on its unique history and origins.

To view the collection and learn more about selling and bidding with Whisky Hammer, visit the website at For more information on sales, contact the sales department at +44 (0)1358 747470 or by email at The physical address is Whisky Hammer Ltd Udny, Ellon AB41 7PR SCOTLAND, U.K.


For more information about Whisky Hammer, contact the company here:

Whisky Hammer
+44 (0)1358 747470
Whisky Hammer Ltd
Udny, Ellon
AB41 7PR

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