Lucid Leverage LLC Provides SEO for Marijuana Businesses

Published July 3, 2023
Tempe, Arizona -

Lucid Leverage LLC, a digital marketing agency in Tempe, AZ, wants to emphasize that they are providing SEO for marijuana businesses that offer various medical marijuana (MMJ) and cannabidiol (CBD) products. These are services designed to help get more traffic for their websites from Google and social media platforms organically. These businesses have special challenges when it comes to online marketing and getting more traffic because Facebook, Google, and YouTube don’t allow PPC campaigns for them. Thus, the best option for getting traffic is through search engine optimization (SEO) for marijuana businesses, such as MMJ dispensaries and those offering CBD products.

Chris Quintela, owner and founder of Lucid Leverage LLC, says, “We can help in the marketing of both CBD and MMJ businesses because of our extensive experience in this niche. We focus on getting your website to the top of organic Google search results and posting engaging content effectively to your social media platforms and YouTube. There are buzzwords and unique features in any industry but medical marijuana dispensaries and CBD oil websites are unusual in that most other SEO companies won’t help because of the controversial nature of the business. Lucid Leverage provides SEO for CBD websites and SEO for medical marijuana dispensaries in Phoenix, Arizona and across the USA.”

Aside from Lucid Leverage being knowledgeable about effective SEO methods and the specific features and buzzwords for MMJ and CBD businesses, they are also aware of the unique factors in the preparation for SEO of CBD and MMJ websites. It is vital to be careful with the wording and the offerings because of the legalities. It is important for the digital marketing firm to know how to display the MMJ and CBD products in a way that is compliant with the laws and statutes, while still achieving enhanced and sustained visibility on organic Google search results and in social media, including YouTube.

Chris Quintela says, “A descriptive explanation of the features of the products is important, whether the purchase is done through cannabis e-commerce within a CBD online store or at one of the licensed marijuana dispensaries.” Some of the factors that are vital to buyers are the specific form of the product. For instance, MMJ may be sold as vape juice, a flower, as a pre-rolled joint, MMJ gummies, cookies, beverages in different flavors, and medicated oils and butters.

It is also important to know that there are different strains of MMJ with various genetics. The level of THC and quality of the CBD will be dependent on the strain and also the lab processing of the CBD oil. Meanwhile, five-star customer testimonial videos about the various products can also be helpful for potential customers. That is why Lucid Leverage will create the review videos about the custom strains of MMJ and CBD products and published them on YouTube and other video platforms to optimize exposure. These videos can also embedded on the marijuana business website. Such videos may serve to better describe a product or strain more effectively than just a simple text-based blog post or tweet. Lucid Leverage can also offer merchant services, including credit card processing for the MMJ and CBD websites.

Established in 2015, Lucid Leverage LLC is a digital marketing agency that specializes in offering services for SEO, YouTube marketing, social media marketing, and online reputation management across the UK, United States, and Canada. Their team of professionals have several years of experience in some of the largest companies and they are experts in the Internet marketing and web hosting industry. Their experts have been delivering SEO services since 2005 and both their partnerships and experience in New York City, Los Angeles, and Phoenix, have allowed them to provide highly effective digital marketing methods that result into a strong presence of their clients on the search engine results, even for small businesses.

Those who are interested in the services of a private label SEO reseller in digital marketing services can check out the Lucid Leverage website or contact them on the phone or by email.


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