John Cornish Mortgage Lender Helps First Time Home Buyers

Published August 22, 2023
Bettendorf, Iowa -

Davenport, IA based John Cornish-Mortgage Lender would like to reach out to aspiring home buyers who may be looking for a reliable broker. He recently launched a new website through which future Iowa homeowners can learn all what he and his team can do to help them secure a great mortgage.

John Cornish has helped over two thousand families secure mortgages at excellent rates and has become the preferred broker for many in Iowa, especially for buyers who are taking their first foray into the market. His excellent reputation among Quad Cities mortgage companies was established over his numerous years in the industry, and he accrued a great deal of knowledge and experience over this period. His ability to remain one of the top brokers in Iowa is evidence of his unmatched ability to secure great mortgages for all kinds of buyers.

“With over 20 years of lending experience and 532 Five Star Reviews, John continues to provide an incredible level of service and knowledge with his clientele, Realtor partners, and community,” says the broker’s website.

They continue, “John takes the time to consult with each of his clients and does an in-depth review of their home ownership goals. He educates them on the programs available so they can make an informed decision on the financing option that best suits their needs. He has experience working with a wide range of borrowers from first-time buyers to high net worth individuals. John has an unmatched support staff that plays a vital role in the process to ensure all questions are answered timely, and constant clear communication is provided to ensure a seamless and stress free process.”

Buying a home for the first time is an intimidating prospect. For many people, purchasing a home is one of the biggest investments they will ever make. The fact that obtaining a mortgage means being saddled with a sizable debt for at least a few decades makes getting a good mortgage broker to find the best possible mortgage one of the most important parts of the home buying process. Cornish always knows exactly which VA mortgage lender is likely to offer the best repayment terms and has made it his mission to help families looking to start a home find the funds to purchase their dream home.

With hundreds of reviews on various platforms, John Cornish has managed to hold onto his perfect 5.0 rating despite the ever-evolving challenges posed by the IA real estate market. His involvement has helped thousands of Iowans become homeowners over the years. He continues to receive excellent reviews from pleased first time home buyers to this day, and he expects to maintain this momentum for the foreseeable future.

One client had nothing but praise for John Cornish and his team. Alyssa M. commended the mortgage broker in a review, stating that they were very professional and displayed a high level of expertise in what they do. The review states, “My boyfriend and I were able to close on our very first home because of John and his team. We had a very unique situation in that he co-owns two small businesses and I have multiple jobs, one being at said business. You’d think this would be an easy approval process, but more red flags than you could imagine popped up.”

John Cornish

The review goes on to say, “John and the team worked relentlessly to clear the red flags, and when they came to blocks in the road, quickly found ways around it. They believed in us and fought alongside us regardless of what the underwriters/government agencies said and helped us land our dream home. We are forever thankful for the time and the effort they put into us!”

For more information on how John Cornish can help secure FHA loans and more, visit his newly launched website. Cornish has also been known to feature in a news article from time to time where he and his team’s achievements are discussed at length. Clients are invited to look these articles up to learn more about his work.


For more information about John Cornish - Mortgage Lender, contact the company here:

John Cornish - Mortgage Lender
John Cornish
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