Joey’s Food Fight Tackles Children's Hunger With Culinary Entertainment

Published August 22, 2023
Highland Park, Illinois -

Joey’s Food Fight, based out of Highland Park, IL, is inviting parents, children and others to join founder Joey Morelli on his mission to eradicate child hunger around the world. Combining education, practical life skills and entertainment, founder Morelli aims to make a difference in the lives of children in need. See more about Joey’s Food Fight and the organization’s work at the following link:

Joey Morelli has an extensive background in the restaurant industry, having worked in restaurant management and the culinary arts. Over the course of his career, he contributed to the success of several establishments, and this experience taught him how to value food and how many may take it for granted. As time went on, he became more aware of the plight of children in less prosperous regions — even those who were essentially his neighbors — and he came to understand that he had a duty to help out.


This is why Morelli began cooking for a cause, and his early efforts saw him slowly widen his contributions to include children farther and farther away from home. Where possible, he travels to communities that are most in need, and he is constantly working to locate and send supplies to children suffering from food insecurity.

Morelli has been featured in the news and other outlets on several occasions for his philanthropic work. On WGN News, for instance, he spoke about a planned month-long trip to central Ukraine, a region which has seen children endure a great deal of food insecurity as a result of the ongoing conflict.

In the segment, Morelli explains that there are resorts in the area that have been repurposed as shelters for families, injured soldiers and so on, “and what they’re missing is money for food and chefs to cook.” Morelli expressed an intention to fill this void as much as possible over the course of his trip, which he spent a considerable period planning and fundraising for. See more here:

Notably, it would also be his second international trip, with the first being to a poverty-stricken region of Cambodia. This trip saw Morelli stop by an orphanage in Stung Meanchey, outside the capital city of Phnom Penh. The area is also notorious for being a repository for garbage, an environment the children were constantly exposed to. While he was there, Morelli took part in efforts to clear the area to help make it more habitable, rebuilt the kitchen and fulfilled his overall goal of teaching the children to cook for themselves and be more self-sufficient.

Morelli, a man in his early 50s, constantly expresses the desire to make something of his life, and his travels and educational endeavors are a core part of this drive. Though he has no children of his own, he is immensely fond of them, and he says he would love nothing more than for kids around the world to know him as ‘Uncle Joey.’ His primary goal may be to give children the tools they need to survive and thrive amid difficult conditions many could only imagine contending with, but he also tries to be a role model for every young child he meets.

The celebrity chef is no stranger to the power of social media, and he continues to grow an audience on multiple platforms. On one hand, he reaches out to other adults, particularly those with time or resources to share who could partner with him on his mission to ease the suffering of children around the globe. On the other hand, he also hopes his content touches the great minds and political wills of the future, children who will someday have resources and capabilities of their own. In this way, Joey’s Food Fight may endure for generations to come.

Joey’s Food Fight can be found on TikTok, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook, and updates on his trips and other programs are regularly shared on these platforms. Morelli and the team at Joey’s Food Fight are always ready to work with like-minded individuals and organizations to feed hungry children, and they welcome any support sent their way. Joey Morelli can be reached via email or through the Joey’s Food Fight website.


For more information about Joey's Food Fight, contact the company here:

Joey's Food Fight
Joey Morelli
(847) 997-0407
Joey’s Food Figh
191 Skokie Valley Road
Highland Park IL 60035

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