Hot New Tee Now Available From Sarah James Jazz Merch

Published November 16, 2023

Hudson Valley NY-based Sarah James Jazz Merch is delighted to unveil a sizzling new long sleeve T-shirt called the ‘Red Girl Fiery Hand Keep It Lit.’ Displaying Sarah James’ capture of an NYC artist’s contribution to the city streets, the T-shirt gives shoppers a quick way to turn heads anytime they head outside. The T-shirt can be purchased here:

“How artists manage to create consistently original imagery to inspire and entertain New Yorkers and not get bummed when someone comes along and ‘adds to it’ is a mystery to me!” says James in the item’s description. “I find art where I can before it gets ‘altered.’ Wherever I go. Stay Inspired! So KEEP IT LIT and Move Forward. This image was found on the Lower East Side in NYC early Spring 2023.”

James acknowledges that many street artists, especially in NYC, commit their art to the world with the understanding that it will likely not last forever. Between buildings or other structures being refurbished, other artists stopping by to add their own work or even vandalism, a piece of art may not last long. As such, James has made it her mission to capture photographs of as many original pieces as possible before they are damaged or altered in any way. Large pieces, especially, may represent many hours, days or even weeks of an artist’s toil, and James takes great pleasure in both capturing and sharing her discoveries.

Today, anyone who shares her appreciation for NYC’s creative minds can obtain their very own piece of it by engaging with the Sarah James Jazz Merch store online. Red Girl Fiery Hand Keep It Lit, like the vast majority of the other available pieces, can only be purchased through this digital storefront — it currently cannot be found in brick and mortar stores. James says she has no plans to change this since the online store allows her to remain flexible and bring her creations to people virtually anywhere in the world.

Sarah James is also the creative mind behind the brand’s entire collection, and she is more than willing to stay in touch with her fans as well as the community at large. She can often be found sharing her thoughts, musings and more on her social media spaces. Anyone interested in connecting with James is welcome to start here:

Her creations are meant to satisfy the discerning shopper, those who know what they want, what they stand for and are ready to express themselves accordingly. The brand has released — and will continue releasing — a broad variety of items that each exemplify this design principle, including mugs, facemasks, hoodies and more. Customers are invited to take a look at the brand’s entire catalog before settling on a final choice since many pieces (if not all) are unique and distinct from each other. What merits little more than a passing look from one shopper may be perfect for another, and a close examination will often reveal pleasant surprises.

On the subject of pleasant surprises, Sarah James Jazz Merch adds that shoppers will have no trouble making their purchases ahead of the holiday season. Anyone who wants to get ahead of the last-minute rush by purchasing the perfect gift, either for a loved one or themselves, may do so immediately. James points out that the store also has precious metal jewelry, which may be great for anniversaries or birthdays that are happening around this time of year.

James herself is committed to creating pieces that combine her passion for photography, design, poetry and so on, and she can often be found exploring NYC for inspiration or mulling over her next creation. Her other artistic pursuits can also be explored on her social media channels and personal website.

Customers are welcome to place an order for their very own piece of the Sarah James Jazz Merch collection today. Updates regarding the collection, Sarah James’ work and more can also be found at the following link:


For more information about Sarah James Jazz Merch, contact the company here:

Sarah James Jazz Merch
Sarah James
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