Healthy Irish Food Available At Stephie's Irish Eatery

Published May 22, 2023

Apopka, FL based Stephie’s Irish Eatery has recently begun to draw attention for its great-tasting, healthy Irish food and its unique, welcoming atmosphere. Widely considered the first, oldest and best pub of its kind in Apopka, Stephie’s is always happy to share the warmth and hospitality that has made the pub what it is today. Visit the pub’s website here:

The pub serves traditional Irish food, prepared using alternative methods that do not involve the use of grease. It also maintains a warm, welcoming atmosphere with live music and tasty drinks.

Traditional Irish Pub food is often made using greasy fryers and propane-powered, greasy flat grills. While this contributes to the food’s taste, it is a less-than-healthy way of preparing food and is not ideal for anyone looking for more health-conscious options. At Stephie’s, however, grease and propane is replaced by air fryers, panini grills and convection ovens to produce the same great taste without the oil and grease that normally accompanies it. The pub also strives to meet the unique dietary needs of its patrons — including those on vegan or keto diets.

Stephie’s is an upscale but laid-back pub with lounge seating aimed at patrons who want to have a drink and a long conversation. The pub also has a bar that is a great place to watch sports and a music stage where live local musicians perform. Patrons are always welcome to listen, dance or sing along.

The pub offers meals from midday to late at night every day of the week (except Monday and Tuesday). Their meals are intended to be more affordable, with afternoon lunches being priced at under $10 for a plate of excellent, healthy pub food. They also have a wide selection of beers on tap, including their own in-house beer and 15 others. They also have 30 different beers which come in cans and bottles along with a selection of wines, ciders, cocktails, seltzers and more.

The menu is extensive, featuring a number of tasty items. Everything from soups, wings and taters has its place on the menu, as do pies, mac’n cheese and more. Almost every item is priced under $20. The pub also has a secret menu which can be accessed by emailing Stephie’s and requesting it.

Where entertainment is concerned, the pub has a long list of passionate, talented individuals who are invited to grace its stage every week. Names like Ali Bei and Joe Lupis have been known to appear at the pub to share their love and talent with patrons. Patrons may dress up (or dress down) as they wish and spend their Friday nights and weekends at the piano bar where they can relax with a drink and live music.

The pub also has a number of events lined up and is always looking for exciting performers and activities to keep its community entertained every week. Those interested may read about the pub’s upcoming events on its official website. It also has a Facebook page where regular updates are shared. The page can be found here:

Stephie’s Irish Eatery’s story began in 2022 when Stephie and Paddy moved to Florida in pursuit of warmer temperatures and looking to be around their friends. The pub started as a way to contribute to their new home in America and has since grown into a comfortable, safe Irish pub that offers great traditional food, prepared the healthy way. The Florida pub is one of several pubs run by the couple, which include Paddy’s Irish Pub in the 1000 Islands, Canada and Paddy’s Pub and Irish Eatery in Kerrville, Texas.

Many have come to love the pub since it first opened its doors. One Facebook review from Andria Bei says, “What a gem this pub is! It's got it all! Great food, amazing entertainment, the best customer service I've encountered in a very long time! If you haven't been here yet, you are really missing out! You feel the love the minute you step through the doors.”

Visit Stephie’s Irish Eatery’s YouTube channel here: Viewers can learn all about the pub and what a Friday night at Stephie’s might be like.


For more information about Stephies Irish Eatery, contact the company here:

Stephies Irish Eatery
Stephie Savage
(407) 703-8195
1061 W Orange Blossom Trail, Apopka, FL 32712

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