Grand Rapids Glass & Mirror Shop Elevates Elegance For Their Clientele

Published July 28, 2023

Wyoming, MI based Gatsby Glass of Grand Rapids is bringing the elegance of custom interior glass solutions to homes and businesses in the area. The company is adept at installing the most popular styles as well as creating unique pieces that meet a client’s needs more adequately. Learn more about the company and their various services at the following link: Visit Company Website.

The company may be best known for their glass shower installations, but clients have relied on Gatsby Glass for a number of solutions that can be found virtually anywhere in a home or office. For instance, a glass railing can be used to redefine a space without introducing a cramped sensation or blocking too much light, preserving the appeal of space and comfort. Such railings (or fences) can be installed virtually anywhere, from staircases to pools and more.

Gatsby Glass can also install mirrors in a variety of styles and permutations. On one end of the spectrum, a client may have the company install a simple, straightforward mirror in a bedroom, elevator, hallway and so on. Mirrors can be combined with other features in a room, however, and the company says it is not uncommon for clients to have their glass installations integrated with electronic displays (including televisions), LED lighting and even Smart Touch technology.

Should a client get in touch with the company for a glass shower installation, however, they will find that this happens to be Gatsby Glass’ specialty. The company has been professionally installing glass shower doors and more for years, combining the aesthetic appeal of glass with a distinct sense of purpose and functionality. All their bathrooms, therefore, are built to meet a client’s practical needs while maintaining elegant, timeless and undeniable visual appeal.

In all cases, clients will find that the company is deeply respectful of their time and convenience. Construction of any kind can be irksome to deal with, but Gatsby Glass is accustomed to working around their clients’ busy schedules and accommodating a range of unique needs. Should a client require an express installation or find themselves obliged to stretch a project over an extended period due to other commitments, they are welcome to share these concerns with the team during their consultation. Gatsby Glass will develop the most appropriate approach possible before any work begins.

Anyone who wishes to explore the company’s services in further detail may do so on the company’s official website. Clients are advised to take a look at the built-in visualizer as well if they have any questions regarding the available shower glass styles or what they may look like when constructed with other accentuating components. Get started here: Visit Web Site.

The visualizer has options for shower glass, frames, handles and even finishes. Gatsby Glass comments that the team may be able to source options that are not included here upon special request, but the visualizer should still help users get an idea of what they want before they speak to a member of the team. This basic idea can save the client a lot of time and immediately point the team in the right direction.

Clients should be aware that they will receive a more accurate impression of what an installation would look like in their own property during the planning process. Gatsby Glass is committed to maintaining a high degree of transparency at every step, so they believe the client should never have to deal with unpleasant surprises once a project is complete. Several tools, such as the visualizer, will be used to help the client understand what the result of their planning will be. As a result, once the final result is unveiled, they can simply enjoy an installation that either meets or exceeds their expectations.

There is virtually no limit to the intricacy of a glass installation, and Gatsby Glass looks forward to working with clients to create bespoke solutions that match or elevate a space’s ambiance. Clients are welcome to contact the team today via phone or email to schedule a consultation. Gatsby Glass is also active on social media.


For more information about Gatsby Glass of Grand Rapids, contact the company here:

Gatsby Glass of Grand Rapids
3510 Roger B Chaffee Memorial Blvd. SE,Wyoming,MI,49548

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