Go Industries Inc Supplies the Best Truck Mud Flaps for the Ford, GMC, or Chevrolet Dually Truck

Published January 22, 2024

Go Industries Inc, a company based in Richardson, TX, that produces truck accessories, is happy to announce that they have truck mud flaps that are suitable for Ford, GMC, or Chevrolet dually trucks. These pickup trucks have two rear wheels on either side, which is why they are known as “dually trucks” or dual-rear-wheel trucks (DRWs). The dual rear wheels allow these trucks to have better traction, which is important for better weight distribution, which means less weight has to be handled by each tire. This means increased weight capacity. However, the wider area of the dual rear wheels means more mud, sand, rocks, and other debris that are thrown by the tires against the paint of the truck, including the vehicles behind the truck. Thus, dually truck mud flaps are vital to help protect the truck’s paint from getting damaged.

Mud flaps are usually fabricated from non-recycled rubber and are so useful that they are required in most states. Go Industries Inc produces mud flaps for different kinds of dually trucks manufactured by Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, and more. They also provide a range of mud flap options for these dually trucks, including stainless steel accents, mounting brackets, anti-sail brackets, and diamond treads.

dually truck mud flaps

A spokesperson for Go Industries explained, “Whether you have a work truck, a city truck or an off-roader, mud flaps can protect your truck by deflecting debris away from the fender wells. Your tires are constantly contacting all kinds of potentially paint-damaging things like mud, tar and small rocks. While your truck’s fender wells are designed to contain stuff like this, they can’t do it all and that is where mud flaps come in. Fender walls do not reach down to the tires and leave a substantial area unprotected allowing your tires free to flip mud, rocks, salt and more out violently toward your paint as well as other drivers behind you. A work truck entering the road from a construction site can easily pick up small rocks in the tire treads and then flip them out at highway speed resulting in dings and dents to your truck or other vehicles.”

By installing the proper mud flaps on the dually trucks, it is possible to save time and money by keeping your truck cleaner and better protected from mud, rocks, salt, tar and anything else that can get swept up in the tire treads and thrown out toward the truck’s paint job. Mud flaps are also known by other names, such as splash guards, splash shield, and mud guards. They are installed as extensions of the rear quarter panels and front fenders.

Mud flaps can keep the pickup truck looking new by protecting the truck’s paint. They can also help save a lot of time required to wash the truck and even save money that otherwise would be spent on car washes. The spokesperson says, “Some people think mud flaps are not necessary. They think that until they get that first paint ding or dent from flying debris.”

Started in 1978 by Mr. R.J. Orth, Go Industries Inc is a company located in Richardson, TX, that provides truck accessories in the United States that are produced using advanced facilities that use robotic welding machines and computer-controlled manufacturing equipment. Some of the accessories they offer include the: Winch System Grille Guards, Rancher Grille Guard, Big Tex Grille Guards, Pro Series - Winch Bumper Replacement, law enforcement vehicle mud flaps, racks, accessories, steps, and custom manufactured products. Go Industries also provides different types of custom manufacturing services for fabricating vehicle accessories. They can offer sheet metal services, tube services, and other similar types of services. With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, Go Industries can manufacture high quality custom products. All of the manufacturing work they do are performed locally, and all of their pricing is intended to be as competitive as possible.


Those who are looking for mud flaps for trucks can visit the Go Industries Inc website or contact them on the telephone.


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