Go Industries Inc Offers Best Dually Truck Mud Flaps for Chevrolet, GMC and Ford Pickup Trucks

Published January 16, 2024

Go Industries Inc, a company based in Richardson, TX, that produces truck accessories, is pleased to announce that they are offering the best quality mud flaps for trucks from Ford, GMC, and Chevrolet, particularly dually trucks. A dually or dual rear-wheel truck (DRW) is a heavy duty pickup truck with two rear wheels on either side. The wheels of these pickup trucks spray mud, debris, salt, rocks, sand, etc., possibly damaging the paint of the truck, including the motor vehicles behind the truck. Mud flaps can help protect the truck from the mud, little rocks, and other debris from damaging the truck’s paint. These are mandatory in most states and are typically manufactured from non-recycled rubber.

Go Industries Inc offers mud flaps for various kinds of dually trucks made by GMC, Chevrolet, Ford, and more. They offer a variety of mud flap alternatives for these dually trucks, such as mounting brackets, stainless steel accents, diamond treads, and anti-sail brackets.

dually truck mud flaps

A spokesperson for Go Industries says, “A dually truck offers the benefit of having a bigger contact with the road, which results into better traction, balance, and stability. With the large dual wheels, these trucks require mud flaps that are durable, tough, wide enough, and capable of withstanding the forces exerted by the impact of mud, stones, little rocks, debris, and more. While your truck’s fender wells are designed to prevent this, they can’t cover all areas and that is why mud flaps are needed. Fender walls are not able reach down to the tires, which leaves a large area unprotected allowing mud, salt, rocks, and more to be hurtled against the truck paint including other drivers behind you.”

These mud flaps are important for all types of pickup trucks, most especially for dually trucks, because they can deflect the mud, little rocks, stones, sand, and other debris from the rear tires to protect not just the truck but also the motor vehicles that are behind the truck. The spokesperson says, “Ever since Go Industries was established in 1978, our company has been offering beautifully crafted and durable truck accessories like mud flaps. We offer the best quality mud flaps, which are manufactured to make sure they are tough and last for a long time.”

The spokesperson adds, “A pickup truck driven to a construction site can easily pick up small bits of rocks in the tire treads and then flip them out at highway speed. These can be strong enough to cause dings and dents to your truck or other vehicles. Installing the appropriate mud flaps can save you money and time by keeping your truck cleaner and better protected from the debris and anything else that can get swept up in your tire treads and thrown out toward the truck’s paint. This is important whether the pickup truck is a city truck, a work truck, or an off-road truck, mud flaps are vital for protecting the truck’s pain from the debris being hurtled by the tires.

Launched in 1978 by Mr. R.J. Orth, Go Industries Inc is a company based in Richardson, TX, that offers truck accessories in the US that are manufactured using modern facilities that employ computer controlled manufacturing equipment and robotic welding machines. Some of the accessories they can provide are the: Big Tex Grille Guards, Winch System Grille Guards, Rancher Grille Guard, Pro Series - Winch Bumper Replacement, law enforcement vehicle mud flaps, steps, racks, accessories, and custom manufacturing products. Go Industries also offers various kinds of custom manufacturing services for producing vehicle accessories. They can provide tube services, sheet metal services, and other services. With more than 40 years of manufacturing experience, Go Industries is capable of manufacturing high quality custom products. All of the manufacturing work they do are done locally, and all of their pricing is meant to be as competitive as possible.


Those who are interested in truck mud flaps can check out the Go Industries Inc website or contact them on the telephone.


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