Fundraising Expert Reveals: How To Shine Bright this Winter & Stand Out From The Crowd

Published November 29, 2023

Whit Hunter from BetterWorld, based in Charlottesville, VA, is reaching out to help nonprofit campaigns maintain prominence during the winter months, which is the most generous time of the year. As this season is fast approaching, Hunter says it is important for such organizations to make sure their messages do not get drowned out in the noise.

Whit Hunter is a renowned authority in nonprofit strategy, wielding more than 10 years of experience in the field. He is also the strategist who successfully engineered more than $70 million in donations for over 100,000 nonprofits. He is also the Co-Founder of BetterWorld.

Hunter says, “Every nonprofit has a unique story and a compelling cause, but effectively communicating that message is the key to cutting through the winter clutter is a challenge.” To account for this, he advises the nonprofit community to take advantage of a few key strategies as they proceed with their respective campaigns this winter.

The first piece of advice he shares is for nonprofits to start their work as early as possible. Among the tens of thousands of fundraising campaigns on BetterWorld, he says, November sees 41% more donations. Any organization’s chance to maximize funds raised extends well beyond just the 28th, which effectively means they have the entire month to work in. To maximize winter, a campaign should already be running — and winter should be considered a boost to existing efforts.

This is why it is crucial for campaigns to weave a compelling story for audiences to connect with. For instance, a campaign may shed light on the journey of the nonprofit (from inception to today), the individuals it has helped and the impact of the community’s donations. The story should be relatable, emotional and inspiring. Hunter remarks here that people always want to be part of something meaningful.

To this end, campaigns should also be clear about the nonprofit’s mission and goals. Donors should understand how their contributions will make a difference, so a concise and compelling mission statement has to be provided that highlights the specific projects or initiatives they will support. This can partly be achieved with visually engaging content, such as high-quality images, videos and infographics that convey the message effectively. Hunter emphasizes, “Visuals capture attention and emotions faster than text alone.”

He adds that donors in particular should always be able to see the impact of their contributions, but a general overview of a campaign’s progress should be made public when possible.

Any modern campaign will have to leverage the power of social media to spread its message. Hunter encourages every nonprofit to engage with their community, use relevant hashtags and create shareable content. Any social media platform with a bio or ‘About Us’ section should prominently feature a dedicated link for this season where donors can directly access a donations page.

Notably, a message may be reflected in the mission statements or campaigns of other nonprofits. Hunter recommends forming partnerships where possible, either with nonprofits or even businesses, to amplify a message. Partnering, he says, can help nonprofits reach a broader audience and increase a campaign's impact.

While it may be tempting to engage with each and every member of their audience on an individual basis, Hunter says this is practically impossible. Instead, he advises that more time be spent showing appreciation to donors, such as personalized thank-you messages, updates on the progress of the cause they donated to and so on. Since they have already shown interest in this area, it will often pay off to keep them involved in the journey as time goes on.

On the topics of donations, Hunter says it is necessary to make it as straightforward as possible for people to donate. The more obstacles between them and a donation, the more likely they are to abort a transaction. Since a vast number of donors will see a campaign on mobile devices, such as smartphones, Hunter suggests that nonprofits ensure their campaigns are mobile-friendly, optimizing the donation process on such devices.

Hunter’s final comments are intended to cover the period following winter. He says, “Don't let the momentum fade after winter. Have a post-campaign strategy in place. Continue to engage with donors and provide updates on how their support is making a difference. By implementing these strategies, your nonprofit can cut through the winter noise and ensure that your campaign stands out as a meaningful and impactful option for potential donors.”

Further inquiries may be directed to Whit Hunter and BetterWorld, a platform built to support individuals, businesses and nonprofits striving to uplift communities. Their suite of free, user-friendly tools simplifies fundraising, empowering nonprofits and individuals to maximize impact through crowdfunding, auctions, ticketing, donations and giveaways.


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