Friend of Former Patient Says “Words Cannot Express How Grateful I Am” for Alter Mental Health In San Diego

Published September 14, 2023
San Diego, California -

San Diego, California — A day doesn’t go by when a thank you email, a phone call, or a five-star Google review hasn’t been received by the team at Alter Mental Health. The mental health crisis stabilization clinic staff’s ability to quickly assess and provide immediate care to those in times of distress has made it one of the top mental health clinics in San Diego.

In their Google review, Taylor said they had seen firsthand how the Alter Mental Health team’s knowledge, wisdom, and compassionate care helped their friend through a personal family crisis.

Mental Health Clinic San Diego

“My best friend was so hesitant and resistant to get the help she needed due to her fear of hospital settings….this was not the case whatsoever (at Alta)… it was more than comfortable and a private setting…” Taylor wrote in their Google review.

Alter Mental Health in San Diego is a short-term alternative to inpatient hospitalization. They provide immediate assistance for people who need help working through emotional, mental, physical, or behavioral issues. Unfortunately, there are more people than ever needlessly suffering in silence out of embarrassment or fear.

The team at Alter Mental Health understands how overwhelming life can be and is here to help. They begin by working with an individual to define the problem, ensuring safety, providing support, examining alternatives, making a plan, and obtaining commitment. Their sole goal is to provide clear, compassionate guidance and care.

The staff can treat everything from general anxiety disorder, trauma, PTSD, depression, and bipolar disorder to schizophrenia and panic disorder, to name just a few.

As its name implies, Alter Mental Health offers an alternative choice to traditional inpatient hospital medical care. Instead of sterile hospital surroundings, those who come to experience healing at Alter Mental Health are welcomed into a cocoon of calm, soothing, compassionate care. The holistic approach brings together body, mind, and spirit.

Alter’s exceptionally low staff-to-patient ratio is exemplary, as is its doctors’ extensive tenure in clinical practice, treatment, research methodology, and technology. Married together with a passion for people, it is easy to see why Alter’s unique care plan is second to none.

Alter’s philosophy of whole-person wellness encompasses its unique treatment combination of stabilization, medication management, evidence-based treatment, specific interventions, recovery, and safety planning, along with family and community support.

Alter is changing how people in California think about mental health, one patient at a time. Here, a team of doctors, professionals, and counselors are available round the clock with the sole purpose of serving a dozen or so individuals in a comfortable, casual, safe, healing environment.

“Words cannot express how grateful I am for Alter’s passion in helping,” said Taylor in their Google review.

For people like Taylor, it’s possible to rest easy knowing that Alter helped alter what could have become an extremely distressing situation and instead turned it into a time to celebrate recovery with a friend.

Quality time. Quality care. Quality help. It’s all available at Alter Mental Health San Diego, and it’s why the mental health treatment center is recognized as a top option for mental health care in California.

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