FreshBI Provides Power BI Apps For Businesses Looking To Visualize Their Data

Published September 28, 2023

San Antonio, TX based FreshBI is making a series of powerful BI tools available to businesses that are interested in taking their operations to the next level. The company supplies powerful, innovative power BI apps and workspaces which are both easy to use and incredibly effective.

“When data is converted from spreadsheets into colorful visuals, the human mind moves towards understanding at lightning speed,” says FreshBI CEO Craig Juta. “This enables your business to move forward without hesitation. At FreshBI, we pride ourselves on being a leading business intelligence consulting firm in the industry. Our experienced team of business intelligence consultants and BI dashboard designers have developed a unique approach towards data analysis and interpretation, setting us apart from other business intelligence consulting firms. As a Microsoft Silver Partner, your Sprint Cycle with FreshBI unlocks the value trapped in your data using Microsoft Power BI to build beautiful and comprehensive BI dashboards with our amazing BI dashboard developers.”

The role of a business intelligence consultant is to turn raw, unrefined data into valuable insights that can be used to inform action. Data driven decision making is the key to success, and the only way to make use of said data is to put it in a form where it is clear and easy to read. As one of the top business intelligence consultancy firms, FreshBI helps clients unlock the value hidden in their data and thus make smarter, better decisions that have the potential to completely revolutionize how they interact with customers and do business in general.

FreshBI also strives to provide custom made business intelligence solutions. It is by catering to all kinds of businesses, from small businesses to large multinationals, that FreshBI has become one of the biggest names in business intelligence consultancy. They meet all the unique needs of their clients with tailored BI strategies, giving them the competitive edge they need to thrive. FreshBI’s business intelligence tools are more than capable of handling all kinds of data, from simple and straightforward numbers to the most complex information from niche industries.

FreshBI’s software makes use of the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to create business intelligence dashboards that, while simple to use, offer a level of interactivity rarely found in BI apps. Users can choose to take a quick glance and instantly have an idea of what the data says and what course of action may be best or they can choose to take a deep dive into the data and examine every detail. FreshBI makes all of this not only possible but easy, making data examination a more engaging and thus productive experience.

In addition to being powerful data compilation tools, FreshBI’s business intelligence software also learns over time. AI-powered dashboards act as learning systems, becoming more and more refined with each interaction. They pick up on the unique, hyper-specific needs of each client and adjust accordingly, making the process of collecting and analyzing data all the more efficient.

FreshBI has managed to become a trusted name in a number of fields. For example, FreshBI is well known in the financial sector where they have established themselves as trusted consultants. The company’s CEO says, “Our team is proficient at extracting profound, actionable insights from this ocean of numerical data. We assist financial institutions in interpreting the maze of financial metrics, intricately analyzing risk assessments, and deciphering the intricacies of customer behavior patterns. We have a knack for untangling the complex and presenting it in digestible, easy-to-understand business intelligence (BI) dashboards for banks, specifically those located in the vibrant city of San Antonio.”

He adds, “These dashboards transform raw data into intuitive, interactive and visually appealing representations. They allow financial institutions to get a real-time pulse of their performance, uncover trends and make more informed decisions.”

For more information on FreshBI, the agency’s business intelligence solutions and more, clients may visit the official FreshBI website or contact the team by phone or email. They are among the top BI consultants in the U.S. and Canada, looking to help businesses of all sizes make the most of their data.


For more information about FreshBI, contact the company here:

Madeline Henderson
(210) 294-9125
1100 NW Loop 410
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San Antonio, TX

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