Free Interior Design Services Available To IA Furniture Shoppers

Published September 19, 2023
Davenport, Iowa -

Davenport, IA based La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries & Decor is recommending that customers use its complimentary interior design services to enhance their furniture shopping experience. It takes experience and an eye for style to achieve any aesthetic, and the store’s design professionals can ensure every home in the region makes full use of the decor at their disposal.

Many will already be aware of the store’s reputation for offering an excellent range of furniture options and home accessories. La-Z-Boy’s inventory is expansive by design, meant to fuel its customers’ imaginations and give rise to new opportunities at home. However, the store acknowledges that some customers may be overwhelmed by the number of possibilities at their disposal, thereby diminishing what should be a pleasant shopping experience.

“Choice overload may sound like an imaginary problem,” states La-Z-Boy, “but it remains a serious frustration that we have seen several customers grapple with over the years. We have also noticed that some will stick to a single or similar style in order to avoid this dilemma, leading them to purchase the same items years apart even when they came shopping with the intent of giving their home a makeover. Others may ignore form altogether in favor of function alone, which leads to similar outcomes. Wherever you fall on this scale, however, know that La-Z-Boy Davenport is here to help.”

The store makes the point that everyone deserves to feel comfortable being adventurous when they go furniture shopping, especially since these items are intended to be a permanent fixture in their homes. Shoppers should similarly consider the fact that research shows a pleasant home environment can have an impact on the mood and overall outlook of its residents, so the process should not be discounted or avoided.

However, this does not mean shoppers will have to make every choice on their own. Since the store’s interior design services are offered at no additional charge, a room or even an entire home can be furnished with minimal effort on the shopper’s part. Instead, the store’s professional team will be pleased to take on this responsibility, and homeowners are invited to be as hands-on or laid back as they wish. Ultimately, all parties will work together to create a welcoming home environment that meets its residents needs and preferences.

Those who are interested in the service will begin with a free consultation with a La-Z-Boy Interior Designer. This consultation will ideally take place at the home in question, but the store allows both in-store and virtual consultations as well — whichever suits the shopper’s convenience. As the process moves along, a custom room plan will be developed that embodies the following: the homeowner’s personal style, desires and budget.

The custom room plan will be used as a foundation upon which to build the rest of the room. Homeowners will be invited to explore a range of suitable swatches, wood finishes and so on from a selection that the store’s designer narrows down on their behalf. A 3D rendering will also be created of any options that are picked, allowing the customer to visualize what the space will look like once complete. Once all necessary decisions are made, the designer will take over all logistical tasks, handling orders, setting up and then revealing the final result at the end.

La-Z-Boy offers a full range of great-looking, comfortable furniture designed to help customers create the look — and ultimately, home — of their dreams. Its sofas, sectionals, chairs, recliners and more come in a variety of styles and are customizable to match each customer’s unique look. The highest quality construction and craftsmanship, combined with professional design services, help customers bring their vision to life so they can feel confident and live life comfortably.

Customers may look up the store’s online gallery for examples of what its designers are capable of. These ‘Before & After’ images showcase how rooms can transform with a professional touch, and the furniture store emphasizes again that this service is completely free. Anyone can call La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries & Decor for a Davenport home interior makeover today.


For more information about La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries & Decor, contact the company here:

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries & Decor
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