Fleet Cost & Care Announces the Return of Their User Conference, Introducing Confluence ‘24

Published July 18, 2023

Detroit, MI—July 18, 2023— Fleet Cost & Care (FCC), a leader in fleet management software solutions, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated return of their biennial user conference. With a fresh name and a new location, the upcoming event, Confluence ‘24, will take place in Indianapolis next May, promising three days of immersive sessions, end-user education, networking opportunities, and exciting experiences.

Formerly known as Interface, Confluence ‘24 aims to gather industry professionals and thought leaders in one dynamic forum. Attendees can expect to delve into the latest advancements in fleet management technology, gain valuable insights from industry experts, and explore practical solutions to drive efficiency, enhance safety, and maximize profitability.

The grand spectacle known as Confluence '24 has emerged as the pivotal summit for a mosaic of dynamic participants in the world of fleet management. This illustrious event magnetizes not only fleet proprietors and seasoned fleet management executives, but also an array of dedicated end-users of Fleet Cost & Care’s pioneering products.

This exceptional event becomes a nexus, bringing together a vibrant tapestry of service providers who are synonymous with unrivaled quality and expertise in their respective fields. Confluence '24 is more than just a conference; it’s a journey of discovery, a symphony of innovation and a celebration of progressive thought.

In its dazzling embrace, the event encourages the participation of visionaries who dare to envision the future - the forward thinkers whose groundbreaking ideas form the vanguard of the fleet management industry. It's a haven for disrupters unafraid to challenge convention, who constantly strive to redefine boundaries and manifest the extraordinary.

Above all, it’s a welcoming stage for the pioneers, those charismatic individuals whose relentless passion for the fleet management industry fuels the flames of progress, driving the sector into new territories and unwritten future. These are the pathfinders whose ceaseless commitment has the power to shape the contours of the industry.

In the grand canvas of Confluence '24, each participant, each voice, and each idea becomes a crucial brushstroke contributing to a breathtaking masterpiece. A masterpiece that not only encapsulates the present pulse of the fleet management industry but also illuminates its exciting, unwritten future. The event underscores the collective commitment to a shared vision, one that transcends the ordinary and strides towards the extraordinary.

No individual passionate about the industry can afford to miss this remarkable convergence. Confluence '24, indeed, is not just an event—it’s an epoch-making journey in the ever-evolving world of fleet management.

Key highlights of Confluence ’24 include:

Gain Valuable Insights: Benefit from the wisdom of industry experts, thought leaders, and successful fleet owners who will share their experiences, success stories, and best practices. Learn actionable strategies to improve fleet productivity, reduce costs, and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the industry.

Learn About our Partner Ecosystem: Engage with a diverse group of partners who serve the fleet management industry. Explore the exhibit area to discover new products and services that can enhance fleet operations.

End-User Education: Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in Fleet Cost & Care's product suite. Participate in interactive workshops and education sessions led by industry experts. Enhance skills and knowledge of Fleet Cost & Care’s comprehensive range of products.

Confluence ’24 will also offer the opportunity to connect with like-minded fleet owners, industry influencers, and technology providers.

"We are thrilled to host Confluence ‘24 and bring together FCC clients and fleet management professionals from around the world. This event will serve as a platform to connect, learn, and collaborate," said Fleet Cost & Care’s VP of Marketing, Candice Thomas. "Attendees can look forward to an engaging and immersive experience that will empower them with valuable knowledge, networking opportunities, and actionable insights."

Stay tuned for more details. Confluence ’24 will take place May 15th – 17th, 2024 at the Westin Indianapolis.

About Fleet Cost & Care:

Fleet Cost & Care (FCC) is a leading provider of fleet management software solutions. With a commitment to innovation and customer success, FCC empowers businesses to optimize their fleet operations, improve efficiency, and maximize profitability. For more information, visit www.fleetcostcare.com.


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