Ferdos Family Dental: Expanding Comprehensive Care for Every Family Dentist Need in Clarkesville

Published February 16, 2024
Cornelia, Georgia -

Ferdos Family Dental, owned and operated by husband-and-wife dental team Dr. Mark Ferdos and Dr. Meg Ferdos, is pleased to announce further enhancement of its broad-based dental services. This popular practice is located just minutes from Clarkesville, Georgia and is known for its comprehensive offerings, which encompass cleaning, cosmetic dentistry, crowns and veneers, dental implants, extractions, Invisalign, night guards, partials and dentures, sedation dentistry, root canals, and fillings of teeth.

Dr. Mark Ferdos said, "We've always been proud to offer a wide variety of dental services to our patients. Adding to our expansive list will only help us in our mission of providing the most outstanding quality of dental care possible to the community."

Ferdos Family Dental doesn't just focus on widening their array of services - they also specialize in children’s dentistry and tooth whitening shows a dedication to oral health for all family members, from toddlers to seniors. The main aim of the team here is to safeguard their patients' oral health and confident smiles, all the while fostering overall wellness. Recognizing that patients’ comfort is paramount, Ferdos Family Dental strives to create a soothing and enjoyable visit for every individual coming through their doors.

The office hours run from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Mondays to Thursdays, remaining closed on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. While a majority of dental cases are managed in-house, provision for emergency dental care illustrates their commitment to the community for delivering top-notch dental care at all times.

In Dr. Ferdos's words, "Patient comfort and care have always been our foremost priorities. Through offering sedation options for patients experiencing dental anxiety, utilizing cutting-edge technology, and employing tailor-made treatment plans, we aim to not just provide excellent dental services but also an unparalleled patient experience."

Not just focusing on treatment, Ferdos Family Dental underscores the necessity of patient education. The team believes that well-informed patients can make sound decisions about their dental health. Therefore, their website serves as a platform for patients to schedule appointments and get more insight about the clinic, its staff, and the technologies employed, and it even provides answers to frequently asked questions about costs, treatable problems, treatments available, and safety measures.

The team at Ferdos Family Dental believes in building trust with its patients through inclusion in their own dental health decisions. This commitment to working collaboratively with patients in developing treatment plans places the practice as a truly patient-focused establishment.

Ferdos Family Dental is now open for new patients of every age, reinforcing their dedication to community care, and solidifying their reputation as the trusted family dentist in Clarkesville. With their ongoing expansion of an already broad range of dental services, the practice stands as a tribute to the hard work, patient care, and undying quality provided by Dr. Ferdos and his team. As Dr. Ferdos puts it, "Quality dental care delivered in a caring and thoughtful manner has always been our mission. We anticipate contributing contentedly to our community as we keep expanding our services."

For further information about Ferdos Family Dental and the extensive services they offer, please visit their website at https://ferdosfamilydental.com/services/family-dentist-clarkesville/


For more information about Ferdos Family Dental, contact the company here:

Ferdos Family Dental
Dr. Mark Ferdos
110 Hardyville Circle
Demorest, GA 30535

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