Fentanyl Overdose Can Happen Anywhere, Warns Clean Recovery Centers

Published May 24, 2023

New Port Richey, FL – The opioid crisis has become all too familiar in today’s society. Clean Recovery Centers is working within the Suncoast communities to bring awareness and provide resources surrounding the rise in fentanyl overdoses. Their latest blog dives into the signs of fentanyl overdose and what to do when it happens.

“More and more illicit substances are turning up with fentanyl present,” says a Clean Recovery Centers representative. “People are unaware that their cocaine or methamphetamine actually has fentanyl in it. Because there is no regulation, the dosage can vary widely, and even be deadly.”

Fentanyl overdose happens when too much is taken and the body cannot process it in a timely manner. Symptoms of a fentanyl overdose include pinpoint pupils, choking, cold or clammy skin, slow or weak breathing, loss of consciousness, and unresponsiveness. Breathing can stop altogether, which is one of the main reasons overdoses are so dangerous.

For those that use other substances at the same time as fentanyl, the risk of overdose increases drastically. Stimulants mixed with fentanyl will seem to cancel each other out, often leading to taking more to feel the effects. An overdose can occur from the other substance, such as cocaine or alcohol, and be masked by fentanyl, increasing the dangers of multi-substance use. Fentanyl is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, and many people don’t realize when it has been mixed with their substance of choice.

“Our lawmakers see the opioid crisis and want to help. Recently, a bill circulated through the Florida Senate that would decriminalize fentanyl test strips. This is huge in the prevention of accidental overdoses here in Florida. It has passed and is continuing through the legal process and hopefully becomes effective this year,” continued the representative.

Always seek medical attention in the event of a suspected fentanyl overdose. The most common method of immediate treatment is Narcan® (naloxone). This is available over-the-counter at most drug stores such as CVS.

Clean Recovery Centers has been helping hundreds get clean, live clean, and stay clean. Starting in Tampa, they have grown with locations in New Port Richey, Sarasota, and their newest addition in Largo. The housing facilities are all certified through the Florida Association of Residential Residences (FARR) which improves and monitors standards for recovery residences.

Those who wish to learn more about Clean Recovery Centers and their treatment programs can call their hotline at (888) 330-2532. Staff is available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns. More information can also be found on their website.


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