The Essential Guide to Choosing the Right International Removal Company in 2024

Published February 15, 2024

International Mover, a service provider and advisor for those preparing to move abroad, recently published a guide on choosing a reliable international removal company. This guide aims to aid people in making well-informed decisions about their choice of service provider, ensuring that their moving needs are met and, in turn, providing a smooth relocation experience.

The complexity of moving internationally is undeniable, and a crucial part of it involves selecting and hiring a suitable international removal company. Making this decision significantly influences the whole experience of the move. With this in mind, International Mover’s guide thoroughly explains the key aspects and criteria individuals should examine before settling on an international removal provider.

The guide highlights primary elements, including a careful review of services provided by prospective removal companies. It's important to note that some companies offer extensive services, from door-to-door delivery to new overseas locations. The guide also stresses the need to choose a firm that allocates a dedicated moving manager to help with the entire move. This ensures consistency and removes the hassle of coordinating with multiple contacts. It also recommends considering whether the international removal company offers help with customs clearance, which will prevent potential issues during the move.

Kimberlee Fenn, a representative of International Mover, advises, "People planning an international move should allocate enough time to examine not just the reputation, but also the service quality of the international removals company they are considering. Selecting a company without a solid past performance can result in unnecessary problems and disturbances during the move."

The guide also suggests that potential movers should check online review platforms, like Trustpilot and similar websites, during their research phase. Customer reviews and testimonials often provide a reliable way to assess a removal company's professional reputation and service quality history.

Additionally, International Mover has devised a comprehensive "Moving Abroad Checklist." This detailed list covers all necessary tasks associated with overseas relocation. The checklist aims to enhance organization and ensure no important item gets forgotten amidst the chaos of the move.

For those interested in exploring more about the range of services and advice offered by International Mover, including their Moving Abroad Checklist and insightful blog posts, please visit their comprehensive website. Here, readers can find valuable resources and guidance for every stage of their moving journey.

On top of this, International Mover offers post-move services. These range from advice on settling into a new house, acclimating to different cultures, and handling potential post-move challenges. They also have a blog that serves as a valuable resource, offering insights on various topics related to moving abroad, such as shipping furniture, relocating pets overseas, and job hunting in the new location.

In closing, Kimberlee Fenn says, "In our interconnected world today, an international move can be as simple as relocating from one city to another if you hire the right international removal company. Our guide aims to equip individuals with the necessary data to make informed decisions during this crucial phase."

International Mover's new guide is intended to simplify the often complicated process of international relocation by aiding the selection of an appropriate international removal company. By addressing key facets and offering expert counsel, the guide facilitates and streamlines the process. International Mover's dedication to providing a flawless moving experience demonstrates their commitment to delivering outstanding customer-centric service.


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