Employee Benefits Insurance Broker Russell Benefits Group Discusses the Need for Supplement Insurance Coverage

Published May 18, 2023

Independent insurance advisory firm Russell Benefits Group is helping clients pick out the best supplemental insurance coverage for their employees’ benefits packages.

Supplemental insurance helps cover lost income or other expenses when an employee faces a serious illness or injury. At Russell Benefits Group, this includes a range of policies including group life insurance, medical bridge insurance, accident insurance, disability insurance, critical-illness insurance, cancer insurance, and more.

“While health insurance offers coverage for most medical bills,” says the spokesperson for Russell Benefits Group, “it still leaves patients scrambling to pay for living expenses while recovering. Moreover, some medical conditions may require a significant out-of-pocket cost that has to be paid before the policy covers the rest. Supplemental insurance helps bridge such gaps, giving beneficiaries peace of mind knowing that an unfortunate accident or critical medical diagnosis is not going to turn into a significant burden.”

In an article on its website titled “Supplemental Insurance Saves the Day,” Russell Benefits Group shares the story of a nurse and mother of two, Sarah, who suffered a back injury and was unable to work for several months. With extensive surgery, physical therapy, and everyday bills that kept piling on, it was her supplemental insurance policy with Colonial Life that provided her with income replacement benefits and critical illness coverage covering some of her medical bills.

“Sarah’s story is an all too common one,” says the spokesperson. “Medical bills play a significant role in around 40% of bankruptcies in the United States. Supplemental insurance policies, then, can be a lifesaver that gives your employees a new lease of life after an accident or illness. Russell Benefits Group can help you understand and choose from the range of supplemental insurance products offered by companies such as Unum and Colonial Life and customize them for your workers’ specific needs. Visit our website to find out how you can expand your employee benefits package.”

Russell Benefits Group specializes in customizing employee benefits plans that meet the unique needs of a business and its employees. The company boasts a team of experts who can create a comprehensive benefits package that not only saves the business money but also ensures that all its employees have the coverage they need to feel safe.

The company’s insurance product offerings include everything from health, dental, and vision insurance to supplemental insurance policies and retirement plans. It also boasts a long list of integrations with large insurance providers such as Aetna, Allstate Benefits, Colonial Life, Kaiser Permanente, Regence, United Healthcare, Unum, Cigna, and many more.

Russell Benefits Insurance is drawing special attention to its medical bridge insurance policies that give employees access to a lump-sum cash benefit to help cover the costs of their hospital stay. Offered by Colonial Life, the policy helps offset additional costs that are not covered by health insurance such as outpatient surgery, inpatient services, diagnostic tests, doctor appointments, emergency room trips, and more.

“The average hospital stay can cost anywhere from $9,100 for a medical stay to $22,700 for a surgical stay,” the spokesperson says. “At a time when nearly 60% of all Americans can’t cover a $1000 emergency with their savings, offering medical bridge insurance is a way to show your employees that you care about their financial security and wellbeing.”

Based in Everett, Washington, Russell Benefits Group has built up a rock-solid reputation over the years for offering exemplary customer service and deep insight into the current insurance landscape. The company also boasts an impressive overall rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 on its Google Business Profile from almost 20 reviews. Since it is an independent agency, it does not represent a single insurance company and can work across the board to find the best benefits solutions for its clients.


Readers can contact Russell Benefits Group at (206) 659-1741 on weekdays from 9 AM to 5 PM to schedule a benefits consultation. To stay up to date on the benefits landscape: Latest Industry Shifts provided by Russell Benefits Group.


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