Dr. Mark Hickman Shares His Vision for Reducing the Cost of Vasectomy Reversal Procedures

Published May 22, 2023

Dr. Mark Hickman is inviting men and families from across the nation to visit his vasectomy reversal ministry in New Braunfels, Texas, and get another chance at parenthood.

Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversals has, for several decades, been helping patients get vasectomy reversals, reliably and at an affordable cost. Dr. Hickman uses his years of experience as one of the country’s foremost experts in microsurgery to drive down the cost of vasectomy reversal procedures using the latest advancements in that field of surgery.

vasectomy reversal procedure

“I have dedicated my life to this as I consider it my duty towards Him,” says Dr. Hickman. “I believe that vasectomies fundamentally alter men in a way that conflicts with God’s plan for them. I also have a strong conviction that the efforts that are being made to promote the procedure are an affront to nature. As an expert in microsurgery, I feel, then, that I should do my part in reversing this trend in any capacity that I can. That was the vision that led me to start my vasectomy reversal ministry in New Braunfels and it is also what drives me to give it my all.”

Dr. Mark Hickman is an expert in laparoscopic (minimally invasive telescopic) procedures. Soon after he began his private practice in 1988, he emerged as an early pioneer in the field. Today, his accomplishments include the invention of several surgical instruments, a U.S. patent, and his recognition as a contributor to several other important minimally invasive patents.

Patients also come to Dr. Hickman because he is a man of strong Christian faith with a track record of serving the community outside of work. He is an active member of his church and is involved with the Men’s ACTS Retreat Ministry. He also currently serves on the Apostolate Board for the North American Province of the Missionaries of the Holy Family and on the Board of Directors of TIPHER (The Institute for Public Education, Health, and Research).

At Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversals, Dr. Hickman offers two all-inclusive affordable vasectomy reversal options. The microsurgical vasectomy reversal cost option of $3,300 includes local anesthesia and an oral sedative. The $4,200 offer is performed under IV sedation and is administered by a Board-Certified Anesthesiologist. Both microsurgical options are all-inclusive with no hidden fees.

During the procedure, the doctor performs a microsurgical repair of the vas deferens with a powerful operating microscope and fine nylon suture (much finer than a human hair). A typical repair requires 10-15 stitches. The goal of the procedure is to create a direct and careful alignment of the lumen of the two ends of the vas deferens and a watertight closure for a higher success rate.

Several of Dr. Hickman’s patients have thanked him time and time again for the lasting impact he had on their lives. On the practice’s Google Business Profile, which has a near-perfect overall rating of 4.9 out of 5.0 from over 60 reviews, patients praise the caring and compassionate services offered by Dr. Hickman’s staff, the affordability of the procedure, and the results they saw.

An excerpt from a recent review thanking the vasectomy reversal surgeon says, “I am so thankful and blessed to say that we got pregnant on our first try!! I am currently 16 weeks, and we have a healthy baby boy growing in my tummy! This is such an answer to prayer, and we are so grateful for you and your team! It had been 4 years since my husband's vasectomy and we knew the percentages were lowered for us, but praise be to God that everything worked! In surgery, you told us that it looked good, and you were right! Thank you for using your gifts and talents for the Lord, and thank you for praying with us before you started the surgery. We truly believe our son is a gift from God and we are forever grateful!”


Readers can contact Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversals at (830) 660-0600 for inquiries.


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