Cool Blew Inc. Expands Services to Include Solar Panel Installations Alongside Trusted HVAC System Repair In Phoenix

Published February 26, 2024

Cool Blew Inc., a reputable provider of professional HVAC system repair in Phoenix, is extending its impressive suite of services to include solar panel installations. This expansion by the family-owned, Peoria-based company is in response to the growing demand for renewable energy options in the metropolitan Phoenix region.

Since its inception in 1986, Cool Blew Inc. has been at the forefront of heating, air conditioning, and plumbing solutions, earning a reputation as a trusted provider of HVAC system repair in Phoenix. Their commitment to stellar workmanship and exceptional customer service has solidified their status within the industry. As a company with deep community roots, they have consistently evolved in response to the changing needs of their service areas.

"Our commitment to our clients includes staying on top of energy trends," remarked Scott Proctor, Operations Manager at Cool Blew Inc. "In answer to the community's shift towards sustainable energy practices, we're augmenting our service offerings with solar panel installations. We're confident that this expansion aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide dependable, efficient, and now, greener services."

The company's new service emphasizes cost-effective solar panel installers in Phoenix, carried out by their NATE-certified and APS-qualified technicians, guaranteeing meticulous work. Beyond reducing energy costs, the company also ensures longevity of the installed equipment through proactive maintenance. For more details about their expansion and services, please visit their official website at

Apart from its focus on HVAC system repair in Phoenix, Cool Blew Inc. offers a range of home energy savings solutions. Their experts specialize in insulation, KVAR, and duct sealing procedures that enhance home energy efficiency, resulting in savings on regular utility bills for homeowners. They also provide maintenance agreements, an effective approach to extending equipment lifespan and maintaining peak efficiency.

"Sustainability goes beyond eco-friendliness; it's also about cost-effectiveness," Proctor added. "Our solar panel installers in Phoenix offer a dual advantage. They meet the demand for renewable energy while helping homeowners lock in energy costs for the long term. We predict that this new service will be warmly welcomed in Phoenix and surrounding areas, helping Arizona become a greener state."

Solar panel installers in Phoenix will be available in all of Cool Blew Inc.'s current service areas. This encompasses Peoria, Phoenix, Glendale, Surprise, Sun City, Mesa, and other regions.

By introducing solar panel solutions, Cool Blew Inc. reaffirms its commitment to adapt and advance alongside industry trends and consumer demands. This move into renewable energy services signals a bright future for locals seeking professional solar panel installers in Phoenix, a journey Cool Blew Inc. is thrilled to help facilitate.

Cool Blew Inc. prioritizes safety, using methods and products effective against RNA viruses such as COVID-19. This comprehensive approach to homes and workspaces is designed to reinforce customer confidence in maintaining safe spaces, even amid a pandemic. Additional information about their services can be found on the official Cool Blew Inc. website and various social media platforms.


For more information about Cool Blew Inc., contact the company here:

Cool Blew Inc.
Scott Proctor
8927 W Bloomfield Rd #135, Peoria, AZ 85381

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