Composer Victor Spiegel Joins Independent Film Production Company Resilient Films Studios LLC

Published February 20, 2024

Resilient Film Studios LLC is pleased to announce that Victor Spiegel has joined their ranks in his capacity as a composer. With many years of experience in the industry and a multitude of celebrated projects under his belt, Spiegel's work with Resilient bodes well for their aspirations.

Over the course of his illustrious career, Victor Spiegel has worn a wide array of professional hats. His experience in the industry has led him to work on several projects as a recording artist, teacher, composer, director, actor and voice-over professional. On several occasions, he has also been obliged to contribute to projects from multiple points, giving him a deep appreciation of the various roles talent can simultaneously perform during a production.

Notably, those who have worked with Victor Spiegel universally have high praise for the depth of his musical knowledge, particularly given his lifelong fascination (and now mature appreciation of) world music cultures. This background, according to his peers, lends a melodious edge to his work that makes it recognizable even to the non-professional ear.

Composer Victor Spiegel Joins Independent Film Production Company

Victor Spiegel’s background in music goes back to his adolescence. Following a decade of training as a concert pianist, he arguably began composing as early as the age of 15. This early foundation in music saw him go on to attend the California Institute of the Arts where he continued his training in composition under several notable names. This is also where his love of music from around the world prompted him to seek further study under Indian tutors, themselves masters in their craft.

Victor Spiegel continued in this fashion, pushing his education to ever greater heights, and his career saw him turn this immense variety of influences into a signature sound. His piano is said to embody the music of many lands, drawing inspiration from and paying homage to India as well as the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa, Japan and more. His ability in the craft also brought him to the attention of many talent hunters, a fact that put him to work scoring for film, television, theater, dance and other media.

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All of this and more make Victor Spiegel a notable addition to the team at Resilient Films Studios LLC. As an independent film studio with big dreams, Resilient is highly aware of the fact that success in this industry can only be achieved with talented individuals who are given the room, support and resources to exert their creative drive. Victor Spiegel joins the ranks of motivated and accomplished individuals who are all looking to make their mark on the world in their own way.

“We understand that certain needs have to be met for a piece of media to push the medium and industry forward,” states a representative from Resilient Films Studios LLC. “At Resilient, we are committed to making sure those needs are fulfilled as much as possible. An easy example of this is funding: we know how difficult and arduous it is to find people to believe in your project as much as you do, and the hunt for funding often takes you away from your precious work. Resilient can help you with that as well as a number of other areas.”

Expanding on this, the studio says creatives can hand off their funding concerns to others at Resilient, which is composed of people whose talents run the full gamut of the film production industry. Just as there are people working on films and so on, there are others whose skills are more suited to the practical aspects of putting a piece of media together.

As their representative comments, “Resilient makes professional assistance available when a project requires a little outside help to go through. We want you to focus on nothing but your art. Leave the rest to our team.”

Resilient Films Studios LLC employs a strong collaborative culture in all projects, and this approach makes them highly popular among those who work in the industry. In fact, it is reported that this was one of the strengths that drew Victor Spiegel to join Resilient.

Those interested in learning more about the composer are encouraged to read the full Victor Spiegal bio.

Readers are urged to find out more about Resilient Films Studios LLC and Victor Spiegel by contacting Betty Jo Butler at or (334) 874-5499. Their website: Resilient Films Studios LLC


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Victor Spiegal

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