How To Choose A Ductless Contractor Explained In New Ductless Directory Blog Post

Published January 19, 2024

The Ductless Directory, a nationally recognized consumer resource, educates homeowners on how to choose a ductless contractor.

As Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps grow in popularity it is essential that consumers understand that the most important step to take towards improving home comfort starts with choosing the right ductless contractor and installation company.

How To Choose A Ductless Contractor

Since most problems that homeowners face with a ductless system can be traced back to an improper installation, it’s imperative to hire the right contractor. Choosing the right installation company will ensure that consumers get all the promises of a ductless system; like the super high energy ratings, increased comfort, and longevity that a ductless system provides.

Consumers can educate themselves on a variety of topics on the Ductless Directory, including this blog post:

Ductless mini-split systems are surging in demand with over 36% of all homes in the country relying on them in 2022. They replace traditional forced air systems like the furnace and air condition combination because just one unit can do both and at a fraction of the cost.

The benefits of a ductless mini split are significant. Ductless systems provide super high efficiencies that may cut utility bills by as much as 50%. They use advanced technology that can increase home comfort and can be easily zoned for room-to-room comfort. Additional benefits included improved air quality as they remove dust, mold, debris, and other dirt particles that are inherent to traditional forced air systems.

They provide a perfect solution for many homeowners because there is no need to install new ductwork, or route or modify existing ductwork.

Choosing the right ductless contractor is the most important decision that homeowners can make for their home’s heating and cooling. While it is tempting to go with the contractor that is the closest or one that offers the lowest quote or hand over the job to someone handy with mechanical systems, all these scenarios can lead to a shoddy installation that affects the life of the unit, its efficiency, and, consequently, the comfort of those who are living in the property.

“Finding the right ductless contractor is arguably more important than the brand of HVAC system that you go with,” says Michelle LaFrance, founder of the Ductless Directory. “Relying on a trained and qualified contractor not only means that you will be comfortable during extreme weather but also save a considerable amount of money and energy over the lifetime of the heating and cooling system. If you are looking for the best ductless contractor near you, head over to The Ductless Directory today and let us get you in touch with trusted and well-reviewed professionals in your area.”

“I want to show consumers what a good contractor looks like and chose these 10 Ductless contractors from across the nation as a fine example of professionalism,” says LaFrance, creator of the Ductless Directory.

Get Hoppin’ Good Service from Peppy Heating & Cooling, the only Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Contractor serving Boise and Nampa Idaho. Homeowners in Canton, Massachusetts may qualify for huge rebates with the MASS SAVE program, Green Energy Mechanical, a Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Contractor can help. In New Paltz, New York, Rycor is a dedicated Ductless Mini Split specialist and Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Contractor. Blue Ox Heating & Air is the clear choice serving Minneapolis and Saint Paul. In Riverside California Dragonfly Heating and Cooling will keep you snug as a bug with ductless heating and ductless air conditioning solutions. In Pittsburgh, PA get straight talk from a contractor that cares with Home Mechanix, a Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor. Based in Sioux City Iowa and serving the tri-state area is Excel Comfort, a Daikin Comfort Pro. Alberta Indoor Comfort is your one stop shop for indoor comfort in Calgary. In Millersville, Maryland MBS Mechanical has over 20 years of experience. In Salt Lake City, Neerings Plumbing has been specializing in service since 1935.

The Ductless Directory then explains the many ways in which inexperienced contractors can hamper what should be a smooth installation. First, amateurs or DIY installers might not consider the size of the home and its occupancy when recommending equipment. Considerations include the direction the home is facing, the presence of pets, whether anyone in the home has allergies or asthma, and more. Over sizing or under sizing are both big mistakes that can cost homeowners more money than choosing a unit of the ideal size.

Inexperienced contractors also don’t possess the tools and expertise needed for a successful installation. The money saved by cutting corners is wasted many times over in higher power bills and repairs further down the road. Especially of concern are refrigerant leaks that not only shorten the life of the unit if they run out but are also hazardous to humans. Refrigerant leaks account for around 90% of all problems associated with ductless HVAC repairs.

For the safety of homeowners across the nation, it is against the law in most states to install a ductless system without a license. Ductless system manufacturers know just how technical and involved the process is which is why they have training and certification programs to ensure that contractors have the skills to work with their products. Moreover, having an inexperienced contractor install or repair a ductless system instantly voids the manufacturer’s warranty.

LaFrance goes on to say, “Hiring the wrong contractor to install your ductless heating and cooling system is going to be risky in the long run. Whether you face refrigeration leaks or increased power bills, it is harmful to both your health and your monthly budget. By trusting qualified ductless HVAC contractors, you can ensure that you enjoy the efficiencies that come with these advanced systems for their lifespan while keeping you and your loved ones safe from malfunctions.”

The Ductless Directory helps homeowners find reputable and qualified ductless contractors across the country. The directory vets every contractor and only accepts those who are trained and certified. To get started, homeowners are urged to visit its website and fill out their contact information. The website also has plenty of informative resources for homeowners to get acquainted with the revolutionary home heating and cooling technology.

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