Celebrating 95 Years of Service, Cutter Aviation Offers Private Jet Charter in Phoenix and Throughout the Southwest

Published August 21, 2023

PHOENIX, AZ – For hassle-free, luxury traveling, Cutter Aviation is proud to provide private jet charter in Phoenix. Cutter Aviation is a leading family-owned FBO aviation service that was founded back in 1928. For more than 95 years, Cutter Aviation has been a trusted, go-to aviation service for air charter services serving Phoenix, Austin and Dallas. Cutter Aviation is the premier aviation service provider in the Southwest.

Company CEO Will Cutter talked about Cutter Aviation’s long-standing reputation as an aviation service provider and the positive impact the company has had on the aviation industry and the community.

“For 95 years, Cutter Aviation has set the standard for providing world-class aviation services,” said Cutter. “We built our legacy by supporting local communities through The Great Depression and World War II, and by continuously diversifying our services to meet the needs of our clients. Today, we’re proudly known as the leading, family-owned FBO and aviation service company. Our name has become synonymous with integrity, trust and respect.”

Cutter Aviation’s charter service in Phoenix offers clients a stress-free flying experience. Instead of shuffling through a crowded airport with a long check-in process and uncomfortable in-flight seating, clients traveling with Cutter Aviation have the freedom to choose their aircraft, their fellow passengers, when they depart, plus their in-flight and on- ground amenities. Cutter takes pride in providing clients a seamless, luxurious experience that makes traveling fun, convenient, and tailored to fit their individual needs.

Customizing a flight with Cutter Aviation starts with aircraft selection. Clients can choose from many different aircraft, differentiating in capacity size, speed, and nautical mile range. Clients can select a light jet like the HondaJet HA-420, which is ideal for quick business trips. For a longer-range trip, the Cessna Latitude could be a great choice. Clients can always contact the Cutter Customer Service team for help choosing the right aircraft. For clients who want the ultimate hands-off experience, the Cutter Customer Service team can handle every detail of the flight, so the client can sit back, relax, and enjoy their flight.

Safety is paramount at Cutter Aviation. The company is an FAA-certified Part 135 Charter Aircraft Operator, and holds FAA Air Carrier Certificate EKGA571D. This means that the company is licensed and certified by the highest standards of the FAA. Pilots are all rigorously trained in the latest cutting-edge flight simulation technology, and each pilot is subject to yearly screening and testing to ensure flight skills are top-notch.

The company is also a Wyvern Pass Ready Operator – the most advanced trip-specific safety analysis tool in the charter industry. The company’s maintenance facility is a certified FAA Part 145 repair station, and they undergo several random audits to ensure the facility is in pristine condition. All of these measures are taken to position Cutter Aviation services as one of the safest, most efficient, and expert aviation services in the US.

Clients choosing Cutter Aviation might be surprised to know that beyond their aviation services, the company also offers arrangements of all ground transportation at the destination, hotel and resort accommodations and more. To see a total list of their supplemental offerings, visit their website.

For any charter flight from Phoenix, Dallas or Austin, Cutter Aviation aims to provide the best in luxury aviation charter services. For more information, please visit their company website. For media inquiries, contact Anna Cutter at (602) 267-4080 or charter@cutteraviation.com, 2802 E Old Tower Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85034.


For more information about Cutter Aviation, contact the company here:

Cutter Aviation
Anna Cutter
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2802 E Old Tower Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85034

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